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[Story] Betrayed By My Body – Episode 5


he let it drop to the
floor. I was left in just my lace p@nties
but it didn’t last two seconds before he
tore it off leaving me naked.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“What do you think, I am showing you I
don’t need a d–n pill to get it up or
last long enough,” he said placing
hands on my shoulders, he was gentle
now. Caressing my shoulders, his
smoldering gaze holding mine as he
gently pushed me till my back touched
the cabinet.
His breathing became quite ragged as
he stared down at my lush b—–s,
peach hued n—–s perked up
invitingly. I had always known how
easily my body affected him, like it held
some unspoken power over him.
His hands cupped my heavy b—–s as
he came closer. His breath fanning my
neck as his lips brushed over the curve
of my neck. His tongue and teeth gently
nibbling my left ear, he whispered,
“your body is an overdose of pills in
I shivered, not from being without
covering but the tingles his burning
kisses behind my ear and down my
neck created all the while he gently
kneaded my b—–s.
“You are so beautiful and you don’t
know what you do to me every single
day of my life…..left to me I would f–k
you crazy every chance I get.” He said,
his voice gruff and I m0aned at the
thought of being crazily sexed by him
clinging tightly to him as my legs felt
like mush because of his sweet torture
upon my skin.
His kisses led him to my mouth, and he
took my lips with such vigour and
gruffness that it registered in my core,
the sweet ache below my belly
As we kissed, his hands ran all over me,
kneading my b—–s, caressing the
curve of my back, my belly, my inner
thighs and even running over my a-s.
It was like he couldn’t touch enough of
me, he wanted all of me.
I wanted to touch him, I wanted to feel
his his firm member in my hand, run
my hand up and down his hard length
but he still had his jeans on.
“Take off your jeans..I want to touch
you.” I instructed.
“Not yet he murmured against my
lips….I fear if you touched me right
now, I just might prove you right and
come in your hands.” He said with a
smile and I chuckled.
“You’re only allowed to come after I am
fully sated, Babe.” I warned.
“Yes ma’am.” He replied taking my lips
in his again.
I ran my hands over his taut body as he
assaulted my lips, my tongue and my
cheek before he stopped. Leaning his
forehead on mine, his breath in short
gasps, he asked, “are you ready for this
ride, Noms?”
Not waiting for an answer, he placed
his hands on my hips lifting me to sit
on the cabinet, pulling me to the very
edge, opening my thighs wide apart so
that my p—y was in his full view.
With a ragged groan, he bent and and
went to work.
His hands massaged my inner thighs
while his lips slowly left a trail of more
burning kisses that seemed to be
leading to my crotch. I shivered with
anticipation as I felt his breath on my
skin, impatiently needing him to get to
‘my place’.
“Ohh….. Kevwe….” I m0aned as a wave
of unfamiliar s£nsat!ons hit me, he was
there now, at my womanly place his
tongue bringing me so much pleasure. I
ran a hand through his hair, urging him
as his tongue created spirals of pleasure
in me.
I had never been a screamer but if he
went on like this, the neighbours would
definitely know his name by morning.
His tongue teased, flicked, tweaked the
sensitive bud and all I could do was be
helpless to my body. Oh…I suddenly
realised I had been missing so much
pleasure all this time. I would be
sexually adventurous with my husband
from now on, I vowed.

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