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[Story] Baby And Me — Episode 7

Episode Seven
She was gone and I had absolutely no clue where I could find her, the girl had no phone and I didnt even know her usual spots around Gangnam. I had obviously scared her away with my 21 questions but can you blame me, what guy doesnt want to know stuff about the woman he likes? Well certainly not me, I just wanted to know why she ran and maybe I could help her if she was in trouble. I went back downstairs and grabbed my computer, I opened it then just stared not knowing what to do, for the first time in my life, I had a computer in front of me and I couldnt use my skills to find the person I really wanted to find, damnit! I should have put a chip in my clothes too! She had left wearing that sweater I gave her, she loved it so much and it really looked great on her. Anyway I closed my laptop and put the food away, I suddenly had no appetite.
I got an international call from Chace, he was in Brazil
Me “hey man”
Chace “Jude! Whatsup man? You’ve been pretty scarce these days” I scratched my head
Me “I’ve been busy”
Chace “anyway I have great news”
Me “yeah?”
Chace “I am sure little Reignie would love a visit from her uncle huh?”
Me “you’re coming here?”
Chace “yep! My flight to Seoul has been book, I land in the afternoon! Be sure to come get me boy!”
Me “alright”
Chace “well dont sound too excited!”
Me “Im glad you’re coming Chace”
Chace “then why dont you sound like it?”
Me “I have a bit of a situation right now, lets talk later” I hung up before he could say another word. I looked at Reign playing
Me “I really should have taken it easy, your father has zero chill baby girl” she looked at me and laughed “you always laugh at me!” I went to pick her up “you enjoyed having her around didnt you? Having another female in the house…I think daddy got ahead of himself just a little bit, since you dont have a mom and you’re around all these males, I just really want you to grow up with a female influence in your life” I kissed her forehead and she held my face and pouted her lip so I kissed them
Me “thats daddy’s little girl ” I put her back down then slumped on the couch.
I turned on the tv and the first face I saw was Seo II Joong, Yoona’s father, he was being interviewed about his success. I looked at him talking and wondered, what happened he did to his daughter or what happened to her that made her leave, run away from home and never look back, what did he do to her?
Later on, JinHo hyung and Hye Jung came over again at the house, Reign was taking her name so I was alone in the lounge
JinHo “whats up man!”
Hye Jung “where’s your guest?”
Me “she had to leave this morning”
Jinho “so you took my advice huh and kicked her out?”
Me “what? Of course not! She left…without even saying goodbye”
Hye Jung “aaahhh that doesnt surprise me at all, isnt running what she excels at the most?”
Me “I think I scared her off last night by asking too many questions”
Hye Jung “no…I think she ran because she is shady and she has plenty to hide. She was only going to cause problems for you Blair”
JinHo “exactly! I say…good riddance” I threw my hands in the air in despair and sat down
Hye Jung “Blair…you cant tell me you’re really worried about her?”
JihHo “why in the world would he be worried about a 26 year old grown ass woman?”
Me “you guys dont understand….she….”
JinHo “is this what you’re always like?” I raised my eyebrow
Me “what do you mean?”
JinHo “you like to run after the girls in trouble, the damaged girls, the chicks with issues? You like to be their saviour, their hero?”
Me “what are you talking about?”
JinHo “dude, stay away from girls like that, they bring nothing but trouble! Instead of running after that troublesome heiress…why dont you focus your time on someone like Hye Jung? She is wife material” Hye Jung blushed like a schoolgirl, touching her hair. I wont lie and say I wasnt aware that Hye Jung saw me as a man and not just as her friend but I wasnt interested in her at all, to me she really was just a friend….a sister even. I took in a long breath and exhaled
Me “I cant deal with you guys right now” I threw myself back in the couch, crossing my legs
Hye Jung “Blair…its okay to worry about her because its in your nature but lets face it, she wasnt going to stay long anyway and the fact that she didnt want to talk about her daddy issues means that she’s just got more going on and cant settle in one place. She’s a big girl and I assume a tough one at that so she’s going to be okay” she put her hand on my knee, I opened my eyes and removed her hand then stood up
Me “right! Anything to drink?”
JinHo “I’ll have a beer”
Hye Jung “nothing for me” she sat on the floor with Reign and they played together, I watched them for a second, Riri enjoyed having any female around her and I suppose Hye Jung could be the female influence I wanted her to have. She was a neurosurgen at one of the best hospitals in Gangnam, she was definitely a good role model for her but I would never ever date Hye Jung, she wasnt my type of girl at all.
Hye Jung didnt stay long because she had a shift at the hospital so I remained with JinHo hyung, he wanted us to finish up on some new work that we had started
JinHo “we need to get on something big Blair, we have to keep the money rolling in”
Me “I know, so what were you thinking”
JinHo “since you dont want to be in the field anymore, there is this guy…he has been using a rather unorthodox way to get his money” we spoke about that for a long time and hyung was going to look further into it and I would do what I do best but before then, nothing could take my mind off Seo Yoona #sigh
♡♡♡ Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I left the house early in the morning without any goodbyes because I didnt want Blair Taylor seeing me then talking me out of it. Blair Taylor was exactly the type of person I avoided the most in my life, the type of person who wants to know everything about me, the type of person who thinks that they can save me, protect me or help me with whatever I am “going through” I hated that kind of person because I am a big girl, I know the streets of Seoul better than anyone because for 5 years of my life, I have been living on them, I can take care of my self and I definitely dont need saving . So I left because I didnt want him prying into my life and asking me questions, especially now that he knew that my father was indeed the great Chairman Seo, everyone asked those questions…why would I run away, why would I leave my home to suffer on the streets, a chaebol of a father to go and scrape for my next meal but what they didnt realise is that, leaving on the street was way better than living in that house.
I left for Myeong Deong early that morning still in the clothes he gave me. I went to the save the wills containers to find some good and warm clothes to wear so I could ditch the ones Blair Taylor had given to me, I couldnt continue to wear his clothes in case that freak put some kind of tracking device in them.
After finding something warm to wear, I went to the nearest convenience store and bought myself some noodles, I sat down and ate. My friend Yoo Ran finally decided to show, that place was our meeting spot for everyday exactly at that time then we would hang out the rest of the day, some days she couldnt come because unlike me she had familial responsibilities. Because we grew up together and we became more like sisters, she is the only person I kept in touch with from my past life, she still hung out with me everyday and gave me money, brought me clothes and other stuff
Me “finally you show up!”
YooRan “ya…where the hell were you yesterday?! I waited!”
Me “at some guy’s house, he’s American” her jaw fell
Yoo Ran “Mwo!! What were you doing in some American guy’s house?!”
Me “I stole his wallet once…he saved me from dying out in the cold one night then he found me on the street fighting for some stuff, he took pity on me and asked me to move in with him”
YooRan “move in….wha?! What is happening right now?!” I laughed
Me “is your mind being blown right now?” I chuckled
YooRan “then what happened?! What happened?”
Me “he had some nosy annoying friends over, he introduced me and one of them clicked that thr Chairman might be my father”
YooRan “aaahhhh then he started asking questions, wanting to understand why you’d rather be street people when you have a chaebol as a father” I sighed loudly
Me “you said it sister” she nodded
YooRan “so you ran?”
Me “I lefr”
YooRan “Seo Yoona!!”
Me “whaaat? You know I hate it when people pry into my life, they all think they can save me or something but I am fine”
YooRan “then how long do you plan to live like this? You cant be happy living like this”
Me “I dont know Mo Yoo Ran, all I know is that I can never go back to my father”
YooRan “he’s been asking about you”
Me “what does he want to know?”
YooRan “he asked if I had seen you or if we still keep in touch” I looked at her “I said I didnt know! That we havent spoken in years”
Me “good girl”
YooRan “he wants people to go looking for you, he said I should let him know if I hear from you again” I let out a slight laugh
Me “ha! Whaaa…my father is really something else isnt he? Why is he only looking for me now? Its been 5 long years!”
YooRan “maybe he wants you to go back home”
Me “then what about his precious son? The one he favoured over me”
YooRan “Yoona…..” she said with her tone filled with pity
Me “dont….just dont….you know what my father can look for as long as he wants…he will never find me”
YooRan “Gangnam is not that big a place my friend, your father is a very powerful man who will do anything to get what he wants, he has sent out his best people to find you” I sighed again as I took a sip of my warm milk
Me “I think I might have a great hiding place” I smiled
YooRan “where? Where will you go?”
The last thing I needed in my life was to be in my father’s presence again and YooRan was right, my father would do whatever it took to find me and being back in that house gave me nightmares just thinking about it. My only option was to go back to Blair Taylor’s house, a place where I knew my father would never find me but I had to be clever about this and be around a place where I knew Blair Taylor would find me then convince me to go back to his place with promises that he wouldnt ask questions I wasnt comfortable with. I knew thats exactly what a guy like him would say, its all what guys like him do and say because they think they will have a chance to make you trust them then eventually open up their heart to them but I wasnt like that, no matter how close we would become, there were just walls that no one could ever break down
YooRan “Ya!” She hit my arm “I asked you a question, where will you go?”
Me “there is a place, where I will be safe and my dad will never find me”
YooRan “you wont tell me?”
Me “I will, when everything gets sorted”
YooRan “what the heck? Come on!”
Me “calm down, I just need to strategise a little” I let out my third exasperated sigh for the day “aaaiish….I cant believe I have to do this really

YooRan “do what?!”
Me “lets just go, I’ll walk with you to the hospital” she worked as a neurosurgeon at her dad’s hospital in Gangnam. I stepped off the stool
YooRan “are you really not going to tell me?”
Me “later, I’ll tell you later…I promise” we left the store and her car was parked outside “I should have known you’d never walk”
YooRan “why would I walk when I have such an expensive sexy looking car to drive?”
Me ” aahhh of course” we walked to the car and got in.
She drove to the hospital, we said our goodbyes then I walked back to the bus station, I caught a bus to the Namsan Tower, I had to think of a place where I could go to that Blair Taylor would be at so my plan could work…….
♡♡♡Blair Taylor♡♡♡
I called in Mrs Park to come and watch Reign while I roamed the streets of Seoul trying to see if I could spot Yoona. I dont know what it was but my heart just wouldnt rest without me seeing her and even if I couldnt convince her to come back home with me then I just wanted to see if she was okay
I drove all around the city and I even went up hill all the way to Namsan, thats was my last resort, I was tired and hungry so I was going to give up the search for that day and just go home. I drove up to Namsan and parked the car then got out and walked around. I had a picture of her on my phone that I had taken while she played with Riri, I walked around asking people if they had seen her with and just as I was about to give up, I asked one more person and he said he had seen her around Namsan just a few minutes ago. He directed me to the last place he had seen her. I quickly ran over to that place and stopped in my tracks as I saw her sitting on a bench eating fried dumplings, she wore a long and big navy jacket that I wondered where she got from. I stared at her for a while, she looked so damn beautiful and I just wanted to keep her by my side for the longest time, even if she didnt tell me about her past and why she ran from her father, I just wanted her to be with me.
I slowly walked over to her and she looked up as soon as she felt my presence
Yoona “Blair Taylor?”
Me “ya! Why the hell did you leave the house? Why did you leave a warm and cosy house with all the food you can ever eat to come and sit here in the cold?!” She stood up
Yoona “how did you….how did you find me?!”
Me “by driving all over Gangnam! What the hell Yoona?! Is this how you operate”
Yoona “what are you talking about?”
Me “you run every time something you dont like happens?” She frowned and she was so damn adorable I wanted to hold her in my arms and never let go
Yoona “what are you doing here?”
Me “I’m here to take to you home! You dont have to run anymore, Im sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my questions, I wont ask anymore lets just go”
Yoona “so you’re saying you want to live with someone you know nothing about?”
Me “yes, I will live with what I know about you and what I learn about you along the way”
Yoona “really? So you wont ask about my dad and why I left?”
Me “yes I promise…lets just go home!” I grabbed her hand and pulled her all the way to my car then shoved her in “dont you think about running again okay!” She chuckled
Yoona “I wont…If Im being honest I didnt know how I was going to survive with out Brec”
Me “she misses you too” she smiled and looked out of the window
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
A couple of days later…..
My plan had worked, Blair Taylor had played right into my hands even though I didnt think he’d find me on that very day but then again, I’m not complaining and I was just glad I had a place to hide from my father until I figured out my next move.
It was nice living with Blair Taylor and his daughter, she was just the most adorable little person in the world. Though some people may say that I had a heart made of steel, little Brec fought her way into my heart and found herself a nice comfy spot then settled there. Things were good with her father as well and I was completely right about him, he was your ultimate nice guy and even though he stopped asking questions about me and my father, I could see how he thought he was getting closer to me, building up my trust in him and perhaps breaking down my walls, I mean yes I was comfortable around the guy, too comfortable even…I had dated guys before but none of them made me feel as free and comfortable to be me around them lik Blair Taylor did because they all expected me to act like Chaebol Heiress that I was and when I didnt, they didnt understand me. It wasnt like with Blair Taylor, he took me for everything I was, he understood me and never once asked me to change but then again it was still early days and we were adjusting to the situation we had put ourselves into, he didnt know me at all….but accepted the little parts of me that I showed to him.
I was well hidden from my dad and I lived in a beautiful house with a nice and his adorable daughter. I wanted to be happy and put my heart at ease but it all seemed to good to be true because even though Blair Taylor seemed to be the perfect guy, I often had the feeling I wasnt thr only one filled with secrets in that house but it was all good with me.
I was safely hidden away and living an almost normal life, I still went to hang out with Yoo Ran when she wasnt working and I told her about my living situation just not my address. I thought I’d never see my father again but I was sorely mistaken because one day as I was watching tv, I saw on the news that Yoo Ran had been involved in a terrible accident and was in the hospital in a very critical condition. My heart leaped to mu throat as my whole body shook vigorously with foreboding worry about my best friend. It was already late…Blair Taylor offered to take me to the hospital, I didnt even think about anything else like…seeing her parents and them telling my dad they saw me, I just wanted to see my best friend and make sure she was okay…
Blair Taylor took me to the hospital, he came along with Brec because we had no one to take care of her. I rushed into the hospital but they wouldnt let me see her because I was an unknown person and only family was allowed to see her. Tears streamed down my face and I screamed at the nurse on duty preventing me from seeing her
Dr Kang “let her in” we both turned to look at him, Kang Yoo Ran’s father, he looked awful “let her in” I walked over to him
Me “thank you”
Dr Kang “I know she’d want to know you were here, come” he took my hand and led the way, I looked at Blair Taylor, signaling to him that he should follow too and so he did
Me “what happened?”
Dr Kang “there was a collision, the other driver ignored the red light and drove right into her”
Me “what? That is crazy! What kind of twisted human does that?!”
Dr Kang “we put her into an induced coma after the surgery because we want the swelling in her brain to go down so we can see if there’s any permanent damage”
Me “d-damage?”
Dr Kang “we cant really say for sure….we dont know how the brain heals sometimes but we hope for the best” we reached her room and he told me to go by myself
Me “I’ll be right back” I said to Blair Taylor then walked into her room
Tears ran down my face and I approached her bed, her head was bandaged, she was hooked up into machines and her face bruised. I sat down and took her hand
Me “hey….” I swallowed the large lump in my throat “Its me….Seo Yoona, your best friend, sister, confidante and partner in crime….” I broke off then took a deep breath “it hurts me to see you like this Yoo Ran….I cant bare to see you like this….you were the only one who understood why I had to leave that house, before I could even bring myself to tell the real reason why I had to leave, why I was running away, you stood by mu side and supported the decision that everyone thought was so stupid, you held my hand through it all and now I cant bare to see the person who gave me so much strength and will be like this….so please wake up okay….you wake up and be okay, I promise that I will be a better friend and do whatever you want me to do…I will find a purpose for my life like you always wanted and do something for myself but you have to wake up and be okay first….please….sarangheyo my beautiful friend” I stood up and kissed the top of her forehead then walked out
I opened the door and was face to face with my father…….

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