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[Story] Baby And Me — Episode 6

Previously on Baby and Me……
Jude managed to escape with his daughter in Italy by faking his own death and with the help of his friend Chace, he and baby Reign moved to South Korea under fake identities. He now lives in a nice house and works as a hacker for his friend Ahn Jin Ho, he’s been living a good life until he meets Seo Yoona, who leaves quite an impression on him…he feels drawn to the young lady who obviously has a mysterious vibe to her. She is witty, street smart and your all round tough girl…and we ended off where he asked her to move in with him after seeing that she is actually street people. She agrees to move in….so lets see how their story unfolds

Episode Six
The following morning, I was woken up by my daughter’s screams. I dragged myself out of bed and went to her room
Me “Ya ya ya….must you always wake up like that?” She kept quiet as soon as she heard my voice. I hovered over her on the bed and she raised up her tiny arms, I smiled “every time princess, every time!” I picked her up then walked to the kitchen, I almost wet my pants and died when I saw someone in the kitchen with their entire upper body in the fridge
Me “what the….!” Yoona turned around and flashed a bright smile at me, it was so fake because it didnt reach her eyes but she was still beautiful with those comedically large eyes
Yoona “morning! Sorry if I woke you but I am an early riser and I like to eat when I’m awake” Reign squealed happily wanting to be taken by Yoona, it was surprising how my daughter had warmed up to this stranger so quickly
Yoona “aigoo!! The little majesty is awake!” She walked over to us and took her, when she was around Reign, Yoona displayed real emotions instead of the cold hard exterior she put up when talking to me. I wished Riri could speak so she could ask the questions that I was burning to ask this beautiful Korean girl who was obviously running from something.
Looking at Yoona and judging from what I already knew about her, it was hard to believe that she was actually really street people, her impeccable perfect English without the weird accent told me that she didnt grow up in Korea or she had a really expensive education, the fact that she was able to swipe my wallet so easily without me even noticing also told me that she was really street smart and the way she had kicked those men’s asses without a hassle, the girl seemed like she was a professionally trained martial arts female fighter. Yoona had a past and I was very curious about it and her.
I was still standing in the lounge looking at her, she was in the kitchen with Reign playing
Me “so, anything you want for breakfast?”
Yoona “arent you going to work?”
Me “no” I walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge “I’ll work from home”
Yoona “why? Afraid you’ll come back and I have cleaned you out?” I turned to looked at her
Me “yes” she chuckled
Yoona “whaaa! What a dark hearted suspicious jerk!” I laughed too
Me “well in my defense, you did steal my wallet” she smiled
Yoona “but you still let me in your house”
Me “I’m just a really nice guy”
Yoona “or you’re planning to keep me here, feed me then sell my kidneys” I laughed and Reign laughed too
Me “whaaa…who’s the dark hearted jerk now?” She chuckled
Yoona “tomato pasta”
Me “what?”
Yoona “thats what I want for breakfast…I havent eaten that in days!”
Me “cool! Tomato pasta it is then” I turned back to the fridge and took out the ingredients
Yoona “should I feed her? She must be hungry”
Me “sure” I took out her food and gave it to Yoona to warm it up “the ahjumma who watches her makes batches of it and I just have to warm it up” (ahjumma is what you called an older woman)
Yoona “smart move dad!” I chuckled, she warmed up the food and starting feeding Riri while I worked on breakfast.
Yoona and my daughter were getting along like a house on fire, she was eating nicely and laughing, Yoona was once again displaying real emotions and I could see that she really enjoyed being around Riri but I had so many questions and I knew that if I wanted answers, I’d have to ask them, I took a deep breath
Me “so…last night huh! You really showed those guys….where did you learn how to fight like that” she looked up at me
Yoona “I am a trained professional female fighter”
Me “really? When did you learn?”
Yoona “a few years ago when I lived in China”
Me “China? You lived in China…why?”
Yoona “just you know….stuff”
Me “ooohh…so uh…can I ask you something?”
Yoona “if I say no does that mean you wont ask?” I blinked at her “ask your question” she finally said
Me “well I’m just making an observation….you honestly dont strike me as street people, the way you speak, the things you do and the things you know how to do…it seems to me like there’s more to the story…what…are you running from something?” She let out a loud sigh
Yoona “you know…some people might say that the life I am living now is a choice I made of my own free will…but for me, if I have to compare my life right now to what it used to be, I think I am well better off”
Me “why?” She smiled but it wasnt a full smile, just more like a sarcastic one
Yoona “lets not burden each other with our life stories okay? Lets just keep things light and carry on with our lives”
Me “oh! You’re right” she obviously didnt wanna talk about it but it was evident that she was running and it was from the life she lived before she lived on the streets…but what could it be?
We ate breakfast together, I cleaned up the kitchen while Yoona disappeared to the guest bedroom. I bathed Riri and put her down, I took a shower myself then grabbed my computer and started working. After a while, Yoona came downstairs dressed in the same clothes as yesterday but she looked clean, she had obviously showered
Me “how long have you been wearing those clothes?”
Yoona “mm..I’d say three days”
Me “when is the last time you had a bath?”
Yoona “yesterday…ya…what the hell are you thinking? That because I leave of the street, I am some dirty smelly gutter rat?”
Me “what? No! Of course not!! Its just that….”
Yoona “I use a public bath einstein!”
Me “right! Of course!….anyway, I can give you something clean to wear” her face broke into a smile
Yoona “I’d like that”
Me “okay !” I jumped off the couch and ran to my closet. She was such a tiny person, I wasnt sure what would fit her. I chose a knitted sweater for her and a pair of leggings that a girl had left at my place. I went back out and threw them at her
Yoona “thanks” she put them down and looked at them one by one “ooohhh I like this! Can it be mine?” She was talking about the sweater”
Me “sure” she picked up the tights and looked at me “whaat?”
Yoona “is this yours too?” I chuckled
Me “no it is not”
Yoona “then your girlfriend? I hope not cos I dont want some girl walking up in here and beating my ass for wearing her clothes” I laughed
Me “is that what you really think?”
Yoona “you never know”
Me “dont worry, no girl will come in here and jump you okay?”
Yoona “cool!” She picked up the clothes and walked back upstairs
Me “what a weirdly interesting girl. You like her too right baby girl?” I said to Reign and she paid no attention to me at all, she was busy with her toys….
We spend the rest of the day indoors because it was cold and raining, I was working while Yoona played with Riri, she watched tv and even made us lunch, she was good at cooking too and so my interest peaked, Jeez this girl had something on me!
Later on in the even Jin Ho hyung and his younger brother Joon popped in for a visit, they were with Hye Jung, unfortunately the girl who owned the tights Yoona was wearing but she was only just a friend, we never slept together or anything like that. She had forgotten the tights here because she and Joon spent the night at my place once after we went drinking and thats it, she never came back for them and Mrs Park packed them in my closet when she was doing laundry.
Anyway Yoona was in Riri’s room when they came, she had gone to put her down after playing all day, the 6 month old was tired .
Me “what are you guys doing here?”
JinHo “we came to check up on you because you didnt come in today and I couldnt reach you” okay to be honest…I did have to go into the office today but I bailed because I wanted to stay with Yoona and get to know her a little better but those efforts were in vain because she played with Reign all day and I was on the computer
Me “I had to watch Reign, Mrs Park had a situation”
Joon “we also came to eat your food”
Hye Jung “and to hang out! Its Friday!! Yay!!” She raised her hands and I chuckled
Me “I should have known you werent worried about me ”
JinHo “so what are we doing tonight? Club? Chilling indoors?”
Hye Jung “I say in doors please!”
Yoona “Oh my God! She’s finally sleeping…that girl can….” then she stopped mid sentence when she saw I had visitors “oh! Hello….” she waved at them with one of those half smiles rested prettily on her face
I looked back at the guys and they were all surprised that I had a female in my house
Me “oh uh….Yoona…these are my friend…Jin Ho hyung, his dongseng Joon and a good friend of mine Yoo Hye Jung…and guys this is Seo Yoona”
JinHon “Seo Yoona? Are you by any chance related to Seo II Joong?” Yoona’s eyes darted around the room awkwardly then she let out an obviously uncomfortable restrained laugh
Yoona “no! I uh….I dont even know who that is”
Joon “how can you not know him? He is Korea’s biggest chaebol” (chaebol is a very rich person)
Me “even I know that guy….”
JinHo “yeah….the reason I ask is because he had a daughter too…I think her name was Yoona….but it was such a long time ago, I heard she ran away from home”
Me “how do you know that hyung?”
JinHo “I dont know him personally but I used to work for him…his daughter ran away like what…5 years ago? When she was supposed to leave for College, she left and never came back” I looked at Yoona and she was really uncomfortable, her whole face was turning red
Yoona “well I dont know him, I didnt grow up in Korea”
Me “yeah, Yoona lived in China right?”
Yoona “and Japan….”
JinHo “yes, those are all the places Chairman Seo is sometimes known to be staying at when he goes out for business. He has offices in China and Japan, even in America. His daughter studied in the States for a couple of years when his first wife was still alive” I looked at Yoona and she was getting restless, even though she was denying it, the puzzle pieces were coming together but if Chairman Seo was her daddy then why would she be running away from that?
Yoona “I have a headache, Im going to rest for a bit” she walked upstairs and Hye Jung gasped
Hye Jung “she lives here?” I looked at her
Me “no…she’s in a bit of a situation so I’m letting her stay for a few days”
JinHo “how did you meet her?”
Me “uh guys…I’m sorry but I dont think I can hang out tonight”
JinHo “okay but there is something I want to talk to you about”
Me “uh okay”
JinHo “in private”
Me “okay, you guys be comfortable while I talk to Hyung okay?” Hyung and I walked upstairs to the room connected to the terrace. I lit up the fire and we sat down
JinHo “how do you know her?”
Me “what?”
JinHo “that girl? She is definitely Seo II Joong’s daughter”
Me “how do you know that?”
JinHo “I saw her once, it wasnt a formal meeting but I did see her, how do you know her?”
Me “on the street….wait, hyung… are you trying to tell me that Yoona is the daughter of Chairman Seo?”
JinHo “I am almost sure of it”
Me “but that doesnt make any sense…why would she run from a rich father like that and choose to live on the street?” Then I remembered her words ( you know…some people might say that the life I am living now is a choice I made of my own free will…but for me, if I have to compare my life right now to what it used to be, I think I am well better off”) what did she mean by that?
JinHo “I dont know, who knows anything about these rich kids? Maybe she wanted attention but the Chairman didnt even bother looking for her when she left and she must have felt stupid and decided not to come back home
Me “that would explain so many things about her, she is definitely someone with a rich background”
JinHo “look man, you need to get that girl out of your house” I frowned
Me “why?”
JinHo “she is nothing but trouble, she used to be a notorious troublemaker even back in the day, when her father remarried after her mom passed, she became a total rebel, causing trouble everywhere, getting into fights…I dont know how many schools she got kicked out off before she disappeared…I heard she was shipped off to China”
Me “where she says she lived for a couple of years”
JinHo “exactly…look man, you dont want to have some strange girl living in your house, she might uncover things about you…like your real identity and who knows what she will do with that info”
Me “what could she possibly do? Come on…hyung?”
JinHo “I dont know…just…get rid of her” he turned and walked out of the door leaving me to digest the new info that I had just come across.
Later on they left and I went to find Yoona in her room, she was lying on her back and looking up at the ceiling
Me “hey” she looked at me then sat up
Yoona “hey”
Me “may I come in?”
Yoona “its your house”
Me “right” I went to sit on the bed and looked at her “I’m sorry if my friends made you feel uncomfortable back there”
Yoona “they didnt, I’m just not a very….social person” I nodded
Me “right…it just kind of seemed like you knew the Chairman and maybe he is indeed your…..”
Yoona “I dont know him!” She abruptly cut me off before I could finish
Me “but JinHo hyung seems to think you’re his daughter, he even said that he saw you once before you were sent away to live in China” her eyes widened
Yoona “he must be mistaking me with someone, just because we share the same family name doesnt mean we’re related”
Me “I know that but he’s really adamant”
Yoona “I dont know, look Blair Taylor….” I chuckled, she was the only person who called me like that
Me “you dont have to hide anything from me Yoona…if he’s your father then its okay”
Yoona “is it really Blair Taylor? Are you saying that if I admit that Chairman Seo II Joong is my dad then it will be okay?”
Me “yes!” I confirmed with a firm nod
Yoona “so you wont ask me why I ran away from home? Despite having a chaebol as my father?” I was quiet for a moment then…
Me “earlier today you said that if you had to compare your life with the one you lived back then and the one you live now, you’re much better off. What did you mean” she kept quiet “did something happen? Something that caused you to leave your home?” She let out a small sarcastic laugh
Yoona “home huh? Its funny how that term is used so loosely nowadays…look Blair Taylor, like I said before, let us not burden each other with our life stories. Yes Chairman Seo is my father and thats that”
Me “Yoona….”
Yoona “I’d like to sleep please”
Me “okay” I stood up “goodnight” I left the room and walked down to the kitchen, I took out a beer and sat down.
I was fully aware that she wouldnt open up to me immediately but I was going to build up her trust in me so that she would be able to tell me everything about her…I was already so drawn to her, I just wanted to know everything there was to know about her. Why would anyone run from such a rich father, all my life I had wished that my real parents would find me and they would be super rich and I wouldnt have to suffer anymore but here Yoona was…throwing away the dream that most people have, to have a rich family and never want for anything again! Was JinHo hyung right? Did she really run away because she was a spoilt brat of a troublemaker who couldnt handle the fact that her daddy remarried so she wanted attention and ran away or did something really big and bad happen to her that made her leave her father and never look back? In due time I was willing to work very hard in getting answers for all my questions…..
The following day I woke up and went to check on my daughter, she was awake and not crying for a great change. I picked her up and we walked to the kitchen and Yoona wasnt there. I thought maybe she was sleeping so I fed Reign, put her down and made breakfast. When I was done, Yoona still did not come down so I went to check on her, I knocked on the door but there was no answer so I slowly pushed my way in. I walked in softly calling out her name, when I was fully in the room, I was met by a fully made up bed and a note that said “thanks for everything” and with that…I knew she was gone.
Maybe I had pushed too hard but then again…people with secrets can never stay put right?

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