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[Story] Baby And Me — Episode 5

Episode Five
No matter which way I thought about it, it was so obvious that the pretty girl with the unusually big eyes was the one who took my wallet. She purposely bumped into me and swiped it, aaaahhhh what a fucked up world this is! What kind of a woman steals from other people! I didnt even care about the money in the wallet but I cared about my personal info there and credit cards. Reign started crying while I was still engulfed in thoughts about how I was going to get my wallet back. I stood up and went to find her in her room, she was in her cot crying like she fell in hot water.
Me “hey hey hey! Whats wrong?” She kept quiet when she saw me, her eyes wide while her chest heaving, I picked her up “did you have a bad dream or something?” She laid her head on my chest, I chuckled and shook my head then walked to the kitchen. I put her on her stool then warmed up the dinner mrs Park made for us “soo…are you ready for our daily talks? Who’s going to start today?” I had wasted my time by even asking because she was already going crazy with the baby talk. I know I know it sounds weird but I lived alone with just her….of course I was bound to go a little crazy. My daughter and I had a lot of time together but when I was gone for the day, she would be so excited to see me that she would go crazy with the baby talk and I’d assume that she was telling me about her day and it is my duty as a father to listen attentively and make remarks ….anyway when she’s done talking, it would be my turn to talk about my day. I finished warming up the food and dished up for her, I sat down and started feeding her and thats when she stopped talking
Me “so I had an initially good day but since its Friday, I didnt take a car so I came home with the bus….but then daddy got robbed today princess” I looked at her and she smiled
Me “dont laugh at me, I know its ridiculous, how does a guy like me get robbed…by a woman at that! I dont even know how or when it happened” I shook my head “good thing I always hid a chip inside it so I can be able to track it as soon as we’re done with this” I finished feeding her, cleaned up the kitchen then put her down in the lounge with her toys so she could play while I searched for my wallet.
I grabbed my computer and sat down to track my stolen wallet. You know when you’re tracking something or someone there is always that beeping red dot, it appeared on my screen and I jumped up when I noticed it was very close to my house, in fact it was right by where I throw out my trash. I stood up amd threw my computer on the couch, Riri gave me that “wtf” look and I couldnt help but laugh, the expressions my daughter makes though
Me “I’ll be right back angel okay?” I ran to the door then to the front gate and to the rubbish cart, it was easy to spot a human being lying on the pavement as if they were dead. I ran over to them
Me “excuse me….excuse me!” I knelt in front of the person, I opened them up and it was big eyes “Oh! Its you!! You’re the one who stole my wallet!!” I frantically searched her comedically large jacket that looked like it did not belong to her, I found my wallet and opened it…of course the money was gone but at least everything else was still there. I looked at her and she was slipping out of consciousness, even though she was a petty thief, I knew I couldnt leave her alone like that. The gentleman and father in me wouldnt let me.
I took off her jacket and carried her back inside the house, Reign was laying on her back on the floor doing God knows what. She tried to sit up when she saw me, I didnt pay her any attention but went to put down the woman in one of our guest bedrooms. By the time I put her down, she was fully unconscious, I patted her face but no response and thats when I noticed she was bleeding and the blood was coming from a small wound on her head. Since I know nothing about medicine, I called Riri’s paedetrician since he was the only doctor I knew. In a few minutes the doctor showed up and examined her, saying that she must have hit her head somewhere or highly likely she got involved in a fight
Me “but she’ll be okay right? The head injury is nothing major”
Dr “looks like it but you can never be sure with head injuries so if there are some problems when she wakes up tomorrow, bring her to the hospital” I nodded
Me “thanks doctor” I walked him out then went to sit on the couch breathing out a sigh of relief.
Riri was looking at me as if wanting to know what was happening
Me “daddy found his wallet honey…but now he’s saving the very same thief who stole it” she was still staring at me “dont look at me like that….I couldnt let her be on the street, you know that!” I picked her up and changed the channel to those cartoons she loved so much, she always laughed her head off when watching them.
Before going to bed, I went upstairs to check up on Big Eyes, she was sleeping peacefully. She was even more beautiful asleep even though she looked a little pale and those pink plump lips from earlier that day looked a little gray, I wondered what could have happened to her and finding that out wasnt going to be easy because she might not even speak English…I shook my hand and sighed as I thought about how things were going to go down the next day when she woke up and probably starts screaming at me in her language that I dont really understand because they speak so fast. Anyway I went to check on my daughter and she was sleeping too so I went to my room and slept too.
The next day I was woken up by Riri’s extensively ridiculous cry. I dragged myself out of bed to her room
Me “ya ya ya….jeez! Do you have to always wake up like that?” I hovered over her and she stopped crying and smiled “whaaa! What a sly kid you are! You cry like that because you want attention right?” She lifted up her arms and I picked her up, I changed her diaper then we went to the kitchen for breakfast. I had completely forgotten about big eyes in the guest room so I just made food for Riri and started feeding her. While I was feeding her, I heard movement from upstairs, I was startled at first but I remembered the woman I had saved the previous, the very same one who stole from me. She stood at the top of the stairs, with her hair all messed up but the colour was back in her cheeks and her lips were not so pale and gray anymore. She looked around wide eyed then back at me
Me “come and eat” she blinked at me “come on! I wont bite” she raised her eyebrow then slowly walked down the stairs until she reached the kitchen. I looked at her and she opened her mouth to speak but it was obviously in Korean “do you speak English?” She looked at me like I was some kind of alien “English….can you understand it?” She still didnt say a word “what. Is. Your. Name.” Still nothing….. “uh seriously! I knew this would happen” I scratched my head and put Riri’s bowl down “I….my name is…Jo Nam Do” she sneered and it was my turn to stare, she clearly understood English or if not then she was obviously a crazy person “why did you do that?” She sneered again then pulled out a chair and sat down
Me “ya…I asked you a question, do you understand English?”
Big eyes “and if I do?” I was almost knocked off my feet, not only did she understand English but she spoke it so well I could barely detect an accent from her
Me “you speak English?!”
Big eyes “is it like a stereo type to assume that all Koreans dont know how to speak English? We have that language in our schools too you know”
Me “aaahhhh no….thats not what I….its just that….”
Big eyes “its okay, so what are you? American?”
Me “how did you know?”
Big eyes “I just know that no one who looks like you can be called Jo Nam Do…do you even know what that name means?”
Me “no”
Big eyes “then I suggest you dont ever use it again”
Me “why not?” She chuckled
Big eyes “anyway, why am I here?” I cleared my throat
Me “because you stole from me”
Big eyes “oh! You’re the wallet guy? The chip was definitely a smart idea”
Me *shocked* “you know about the chip?” She nodded
Big eyes “I was in the neighborhood last night so I was going to dump it”
Me “why did you steal it in the first place”
Big eyes “for money of course…what else ”
Me “right…..”
Big eyes “you must be really suspicious of people huh”
Me “no…anyway what happened to you last night?”
Big eyes “I think I slipped and fell, because I was about to dump the wallet in the trash…when this car came speeding towards me, I tried to move out of the way and thats when I must have slipped and fell”
Me “I found you on the side walk while trying to find my wallet. I brought you in here and called a doctor” she laughed
Big eyes “so you saved the person who stole from you? Whaaa you must really be a sucker for saving women huh?”
Me “what is that supposed to mean”
Big eyes “it means if you’re really like that then women must walk all over you Blair Taylor”
Me “how do you know my name?” She raised her eyebrow
Big “your…..wallet ” I nodded
Me “riiigghhht…..” she smiled, more like a mocking side smile
Big eyes “anyway thanks…for saving me”
Me “you owe me”
Big eyes “aaaahhhh so I was wrong before! You are dark hearted just like every other guy out there”
Me “what?”
Big eyes “what do you want?”
Me “your name”
Big eyes “my name?” She gave me a confused look, she was obviously a bad girl through and through but I still found myself attracted to her
Me “yes, you pay your debt to me for saving your life and not reporting you to the police by telling me your name” she let out a slight laugh
Big eyes “alright…I’m Seo YooNa”
Me “YooNa?”
Big Eyes “mm”
Me “and thats your real name? Not something you tell to everyone else?” She laughed
Big eyes “guess you’ll never really know”
Me “okay YooNa”
Big eyes “well thanks for everything Blair but I should get going”
Me “arent you going to eat?” She smiled
YooNa “no….but thanks again” she stood up and headed for the door
Me “wait!” She turned “its freezing out and because I left your jacket in the middle of the street, I’ll give you another one” she nodded so I disappeared back to my room.
I heard Riri crying for a brief period then she was quiet. I found a jacket of mine that would at least be close to fitting her. I went back out and found the most adorable sight…she was holding Riri and my daughter was smiling from ear to ear as YooNa played with her. I cleared my throat and they looked at me
Me “it wont fit perfectly but it will be much better than the jacket you wore last night” she handed Riri over to me and took the jacket
YooNa “thanks” she looked up at me with a smile
Me “my pleasure”
YooNa “I’ll see you around Blair.. Gangnam may look big but it really isnt ”
Me “are you sure you’re not going to stay for breakfast”
YooNa “no…I’ll grab some noodles somewhere, you’ve helped enough besides…I dont think I want an American breakfast just yet, I prefer to fill up a lot in the morning so I have enough stamina the whole day” I chuckled
Me “American breakfast?”
YooNa “uh-huh! Your toast, bacon and all the other stuff”
Me “I see”
YooNa “bye!” She waved at me then walked towards the door.
My heart was pounding hard, why was that girl who stole from me making me feel that way? I went to put my daughter down and ate some cereal, when looking at the fridge I realised that YooNa was right, I didnt have any Korean food in there, to be honest, I still hadnt let go of my American ways since I got there, yes I ate some of their food but never at my house, it was time for change, to embrace their culture and open myself up to Korea because despite what my initial thoughts were before, it was a great country with amazing technology and it had grown on me.
Two weeks later…..
Two weeks had passed and I hadnt seen Yoona at all even though she had told me we’d see each other again because Gangnam was so small . You cant imagine how irritated I was because I really wanted to see her again but regardless of that, life had to go on.
That is until one day when I was walking home once again, this time it was on a Thursday. I saw a bunch of guys that looked like they were about to fight, I couldnt see who they were going to fight but I did notice my very expensive jacket and I just knew it was Yoona, she must have stolen something from them and they were getting their revenge. I was about to move when one of the guys lunged at her and she blocked him with a kick and he went flying into the ground. I watched at the other men kept going at her and she kicked each and every one of their asses with her skilled moves. I had never seen anything like it! Except on tv of course! Five old men got their asses kicked by a girl…a very small and petite girl, YooNa was so tiny, you could fit her in a box but she fucked them up so hard, by the time she was done…she swore at them (I guess) in Korean and they picked each other up and ran off. The people watching clapped for her and she just grabbed the bag next to her and walked away.
At first I wasnt able to move from the shock but eventually I gathered myself back to the present and ran after her
Me “wow! That was impressive” she stopped at looked at me, it wasnt an “I know you” look but more of a “who dafuq are you” kind of look “Yoona! Its me!”
Yoona “Ya…how do you know my name?! Are you stalking me?!”
Me *surprised* “No I…..Yoona…its me Blair….you were injured and I took you in…you stole my wallet”
Yoona “I have no idea what you’re talking about…I dont know any Americans”
Me “what? Come on Man! We met two weeks ago! I have a daughter and live right over there” I pointed to my house desperately wanting her to remember me. She laughed and I stared at her blankly
Yoona “I’m just pulling your leg, isnt that what you Americans say? Of course I know who you are”
Me “what?”
Yoona “I was only playing with you! I remember you perfectly…my saviour” I smiled out of relief
Me “you had me worried, I was thinking that maybe that head injury really affected you and tampered with your memory” she laughed
Yoona “it didnt…”
Me “what you just did back there was amazing!”
Yoona “thanks”
Me “where did you learn that?”
Yoona “I used to take lessons when I was younger”
Me “I see, so where do you live? I can walk you home” she smiled
Yoona “you’re sweet” I smiled too
Me “So I have been told”
Yoona “and thats why women will walk all over you…you’re too nice its almost giving me diabetes” I frowned “I’ll see you around” Blair” she started walking but I held her arm and she turned
Me “the last time you said that, I didnt see you for two weeks” she smiled
Yoona “I didnt mean it literally”
Me “I know but for some reason I held on to that and hoped to see you”
Yoona “whaaa….what am I going to do with you

Me “let me walk you home”
Yoona “I dont have a home Blair, why do you think you always find me on the street? Why do I get into street fights and steal wallets?”
Me “you dont have a place to live?” She shook her head “why?”
Yoona “because people like me have no choice but to live on the street”
Me “why?”
Yoona “I have to go…if I dont leave now, the best spot to sleep in on the subway will be taken”
Me “I cant let you do that”
Yoona “why not?”
Me “I wouldnt be able to sleep a wink knowing you’re out there in the cold”
Yoona “I’m a big girl Blair, as you can see…I am more than capable of taking care of myself. I dont need you to save me”
Me “how can I be saving you when I’m giving you a warm bed to sleep in tonight and the night after until you get on your feet”
Yoona “I am on my feet”
Me “I didnt mean it literally”
Yoona “I know” she started to walk again but I grabbed her and threw her over my shoulder
Yoona “Ya Ya ya!! Put me down! What the heck!! Blair!!” I didnt listen and walked to my house instead. I put her down and held her hand tightly as we stopped in front of the gate
Yoona “Ya! You cant do this”
Me “I just did! I wont let you sleep on the street”
Yoona “you dont even know me! Why?!”
Me “because I wish someone could have done the same for me” she looked at me “when I was a teenager, I found myself on the street a lot after my adoptive parents died, I bounced around from foster home to foster home, often I’d run away because things got so bad…I only stuck it out in school so I’d at least have an education. I wish someone had been nice enough to take me in and treat me well” she wriggled herself from my grip after it seemed like we were having a moment
Yoona “I…well I’m not a teenager”
Me “I know…but still” I opened the gate and pulled her inside “just stay here, in a warm house with me and Riri until you figure out your next move” she gave me a suspicious look “I dont have an ulterior motives I promise”
Yoona “fine! Just a couple of days then” I smiled
Me “okay “…………

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