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[Story] Baby And Me — Episode 16

Episode Sixteen
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
It was freakin 5 in the morning and I was still groggy with sleep so I just took the test back to my room, put it on my bedside table and carried on with my sleep, me being pregnant just felt so surreal I didnt want to deal with it.
Later, I was woken up by Kang Yoo Ran vigorously shaking me
Me “what what whaaat?”
Yoo Ran “ya…is this real? Are you really pregnant?” I sat up and rubbed my eyes “when did you take this?” She waved the test in my face
Me “this morning”
Yoo Ran “whaaa! You’re really pregnant! My instincts were right!” I kicked off the blankets and got out of bed
Me “instincts my ass! Those things arent 100% accurate” I slipped on my slippers and dragged my feet to the door
Yoo Ran “ya, what pregnancy test ever is 100%? Dont be in denial, you’re pregnant!” She said, following me to the bathroom
Me “Kang Yoo Ran, does it even make sense to you that I’m pregnant? Ya…this thing could be wrong okay?” I sat down and peed
Yoo Ran “whoooohooo” she laughed “so what are you going to do then?”
Me “I’m feeling a lot better so I’m going to work today, I’ll get some blood work done”
Yoo Ran “and when it comes back positive?”
Me “it wont because I am not pregnant…that test must be expired or something. Pregnancy tests give false positives all the time” I stood up and pulled up my pyjama pants then dragged my feet to the kitchen
Yoo Ran “aaahhh no they dont, they give false negatives…you know that” she followed me to the kitchen
Me “ya…do we have any of those ribs left over from last night?”
Yoo Ran “Seo Yoona…you cant run from this, you are pregnant! Ha! Your father is going to kill you!”
Me “my father has no say in my life, even if I were to have 10 babies by someone who lives on the street, he is a non factor”
Yoo Ran “aha! So you’re admitting that you are pregnant?”
Me “dont put words in my mouth”
Yoo Ran “alright fine, go do your blood tests but you’re pregnant and they will come back positive even when you do an ultrasound, you will see that you have a little Blair Taylor growing inside you” she gave me an evil smile then opened the fridge, taking out the left over ribs and placing them in front of me “here are your ribs”
Me “thanks!” I gave her a sarcastic smile that she returned with her own
I was freaked out I wont lie, being pregnant scared the shit out of me, I loved Reign with everything in me but I sure as hell wasnt ready to have my own child that I would be responsible for, what kind of mother would I even be? I was too fucked up to even bring anyone into this world! What about Jude? What did this baby mean for us? Maybe he’d want us to get married, he definitely was the type to want to do something crazy like that. A mother of two and a wife? That had me hyperventilating like crazy so I put my entire hope and life onto the 1% not included in the 99% accuracy of the test. I couldnt be pregnant! I just couldnt!!
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
A month had passed and Seo Yoona still hadnt forgiven me for the Leila incident, we got along great but for the sake of Reign, my daughter was 9 months and growing up to be a beautiful little girl. Yoona was still present in her life and my daughter loved her so much, I loved her too but it seemed like she had already moved on from me, which made me wonder if she ever even loved me, how can one change so quickly? One stupid mistake and everything was over in an instant, she just couldnt bring herself to forgive me and give me another chance? Ai seriously…she was just being impossible
Though I missed her and still loved her and still wanted her back, I was tired of apologizing and begging and chasing after her, I mean if she really didnt want me then there was nothing I could do about it, you can never make someone love you right?
I never spoke to Jason again after they left my house and I had no interest at all in pursuing the whole father thing, my life in the States was over. Mrs Park arrived early in the morning for Reign and I was already dressed for work. I kissed my daughter goodbye and made my way to the office. Yoo Hye Jung was there too, I dont know why though
Me “morning”
JinHo “morning, you look like you’re in a better mood?”
Me “well I am feeling less gloomy”
Joon “I’d say its more than that. You and Seo Yoona noona patch things up?”
Me “no, she still wont talk to me so I have decided to stop trying”
JinHo “good job! You’re finally taking my advice! Once she sees that you’re no longer chasing, she’ll come running on her own”
Me “you think that will work?”
JinHo “of course! Ya…women are suckers for those kind of things…they love the attention then when you stop giving it to them, they practically hand themselves over on a silver platter”
Joon “so you just pretend you dont care anymore, she’ll be so bothered, you’ll see her coming to your house unanounced with a lame excuse”
Hye Jung “I think he should just leave her altogether, clearly she doesnt care about you”
Me “dont start Hye Jung”
JinHo “hahaha I think Yoo Hye Jung is just clearing a path for herself” they laughed but Hye Jung’s cheeks turned pink immediately. Though she never told me that she liked me, even a fool could see she had feelings for me but she was just a friend and that was it
Me “ya, dont you two have work to do?”
Hye Jung “uh, I should get going too, I’ll call you later JinHo oppa”
JinHo “oh yes” she took her bag and waved at us then left
Joon “maybe you should take Hye Jung noona’s advice and just leave Seo Yoona once and for all, I mean Yoo Hye Jung really likes you”
JinHo “ya, you idiot….cant you see that this guy is whipped by Seo Yoona? He doesnt see anyone else but her”
Joon “he can learn to love Hye Jung noona, she wont give you half the grief you’re experiencing right now”
Me “Ai shut up…both of you” I slumped on my chair and opened my computer, Yoona was giving me a lot of grief but I still wanted her, I loved her and she was worth all the trouble but it seemed like the more I chased after her the farther she ran so I decided to stop for a little while in hopes that she would stop running and come back to me
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
The blood test results were back and they came back with a positive, I put my hand on my stomach, Oh My God!! I was pregnant! I sat down on the gurny, trying to calm myself down because I was starting to panic! How could this happen! I slept with Jude Howard once! His friends came and ruined everything, now I wasnt even sure I wanted a relationship…what did this baby mean for me? For us?! I honestly did not want to be pregnant, I didnt want kids…at the age of 23…thats still young right? I had only started working a month ago! I still had so much to do, so many things to achieve…starting a family? Oh hell no!!
I went to the changing rooms and put the documents in my locker then went back to my consulting room. I wanted to gather my emotions first before seeing a patient so I told the nurse to give me a minute. I kept putting my hands on my stomach, unable to come to terms with the fact that I was pregnant! Aahhh fuck me! How could I have let this happen? I am a doctor for fucks sake!! But then the thing with Jude happened so fast and unexpectedly so I…..anyway I took a deep breath and asked the nurse to bring in my next patient
I felt drained the minute I saw my father walk through that door, my energy, strength, will and fight just dropped to a zero. I could have taken on my dad at any time and any day but that day I was dealing with something bigger than me and I just didnt have to energy to deal with my father
Me “what are you doing here?”
Father “I’m sick, why else would I come here?”
Me “then you should have gone to your friend’s hospital”
Father “maybe I just want to be treated by my daughter” I give him a blank look “for how long will you keep treating me this way Yoona?”
Me “if you dont like it then stop appearing in front of me”
Father “how can I not? You’re my only child”
Me “really?”
Father “Yoona…I know that I failed you, I failed at being your father and I hurt you…I am sorry” I was startled by that, it was the first time hearing my father apologize for anything “it was your step mother, I let her get into my head”
Me “so?”
Father “I have regretted the decisions I made for a really long time, since you left home, I have crucified myself over and over again at the fact that I failed to protect my daughter, your mother must have turned and twisted in her grave”
Me “dont bring my mother into this”
Father “I let you both down, I am sorry”
Me “its fine father, as you can see, your failure to be a father to me didnt kill me even though I wanted to die sometimes because the pain would be so unbearable but instead I came out of it stronger than ever so its fine”
Father “so you forgive me? Will you come home?” I took in a deep breath
Me “I have never heard you apologize for anything in my life so I appreciate your apology and I will think about it but….that house will never be my home again and I will not return to it”
Father “I can understand that, I was a fool Yoona and I was wrong, I have missed you so much and it has pained me a lot over these years to know that you hate me, I cant live like that anymore. I cant go back and undo my mistakes but in my next life, I want to only live as my daughter’s father and to protect you in every aspect so that no harm may come to you ever again. I love you my daughter” I felt tears well up in my eyes, my father stood up and so did I
Me “Apa….” he looked at me “I can get past this, I can get past the pain”
Father “I want you to get better, I dont want to see you carrying all this anger and pain anymore”
Me “I have spent so much time hating you and now, its just too tiring, I dont want to do that anymore” he smiled and nodded
Father “I have to get going now”
Me “father….” he looked at me “lets meet and talk another time, when I’m not working” his face brightened up
Father “I would like that” I smiled faintly then gave him a respectful bow then he left afterwards.
I gave myself a minute to gather my emotions once again then told the nurse to bring in my next patient
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
Two weeks later…..
Still no word from Yoona, she didnt even come to visit Reign like she used to, JinHo hyung’s stupid plan wasnt working. I stopped making an effort with her thinking she would come back to me but it seemed like I had chased her away forever, that made me crazy! How could I have lost her just like! How could she just give up like that!! Heeeyyi! That Yoona seriously
My life was as normal as can be, it was probably more like the time when I first moved to Korea but the only difference now was that I had the girl of my dreams and she had left this empty space in my heart and life. I’m sure Reignie missed her too but since she couldnt speak yet, she couldnt ask about her and I couldnt just call her then make Reign do all the talking for us . Anyway I still worked with JinHo hyung, making a fair amount of money which meant that I didnt even have to touch the money I had in the bank from the time I was a con-artist, that money was saved up for Reign, she was a trust fund baby, something I never was and always wanted to be but I had the peace of mind knowing that my baby would be taken care of as she grew up and have anything she wanted. I hung out with my friends like normal even with Yoo Hye Jung, who was really happy about the fact that Yoona and I just couldnt patch things up. I never gave her false hope though or gave her a reason to think we’d ever be together so…..
So, I was driving home one day with Reign at the back, when I received a call from the States, I decided to take it because I thought it was maybe Chase calling
Me “hello?”
Caller “am I speaking to Jude Howard?”
Me “who’s asking?”
Caller “I am Brooks Gheller” I was so shocked, I almost hit the car in front of me
Me “what?”
Caller “you already know about me dont you?”
Me “how did you get my number?”
Brooks “from someone named Chase Crawford”
Me “aaahhh seriously! That guy cant be trusted” I mumbled to myself
Brooks “pardon?”
Me “what do you want?”
Brooks “I was told you died”
Me “then who told you I wasnt?”
Brooks “Mr Crawford”
Me “then what do you want Mr Gheller?”
Brooks “to meet my son” I chuckled
Me “your son is dead, he died”
Brooks “then who am I talking to?”
Me “Blair Taylor”
Brooks “I know its you, I heard you’re living in Korea, can I come up for a visit? I promise I wont blow your cover”
Me “my cover?”
Brooks “I know everything” I turned a corner at the traffic light
Me “I dont think thats a good idea. Every time I have American visitors in my home, my life goes to shit besides, I have lived 24 years of my life without you, why the sudden interest now?”
Brooks “let us talk about these things when we see each other”
Me “sorry, but I’m not interested” I pressed the end button and cut the call
I wasnt interested in Brooks Gheller at all, my whole life I lived not knowing my biological parents and I made it this far, the last thing I needed in my life right now was for it to get complicated and tangling myself in matters I didnt want to deal with
I arrived at the house and put my daughter down for her nap, we had gone out on a daddy daughter outing so she was wiped out. I went back to the lounge and called Chase
Chase “Jude Howard! My brother, whats up man?!”
Me “whats up is you always meddling in my life, its making me crazy! What the fuck Chase! First it was Jason and Leila, now its Brooks Gheller!”
Chase “dude I am only trying to help you! Brooks Gheller is filthy rich man! I looked up his profile and he is a freakin billionare!”
Me “so?”
Chase “ya…the man is dying!”
Me “what?”
Chase “he has cancer and apparently its terminal, so he’s trying to get his affairs in order…Jude he is going to make you his a beneficiary! You’re going to be a fucking chaebol yourself man!”
Me “so you did all this crap for money? Seriously Chase!!”
Chase “did you not hear me? Its billions of dollars Jude! BILLIONS!!”
Me “I dont care! Stop interferring my life you money greedy asshole!”
Chase “are you telling me that you’re not even the least bit interested in all this?”
Me “no, I am not! How many times must I tell you Chase! I am happy here please stop fucking things up for me! I am more than capable of doing things for myself! Stop making shortcuts and thinking that you know me and the things that are important to me! I dont care about Brooks Gheller or his money…I just want all you motherfucking people to leave me the hell alone so I can live my life the way I choose and raise my child in peace! CAN YOU DO THAT!!”
CHase “I understand, sorry man”
Me “good now please, mind your own life and carry on with your shit, leave me to deal with mine” I dropped the call and poured myself a stiff drink! Ai fuck man! I just couldnt catch a break! It was time I changed my number!!
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
A whole two weeks had passed since I found out I was pregnant, I was already 8 weeks and still trying to wrap my head around it all. I didnt tell Jude because I had a lot to think about and he would just complicate things for me, I needed time to myself and I was thankful that he even stopped calling me so I made the decision to stay away, not even see Reign until I had made up my mind on what to do.
I was really pregnant because I had the morning sickness and my cravings had started kicking in. My pregnancy was a well kept secret between my best friend and I, I didnt want anyone else finding out.
Anyway, as usual after work I went straight home and made spicey noodle stew for supper, Yoo Ran came home just after I was done. I had dished up for myself in a large bowl because now that I was pregnant, my appetite was larger than before and I am a girl that can eat! I finished the entire bowl in just a matter of minutes then settled down with a tub of ice cream
Yoo Ran “whaaa…so this is like the reality of pregnant women uh?! Ya…if you are eating this much at just 8 weeks, what will happen when you’re like 20 to 38 weeks?”
Me “who says it will even go that far?”
Yoo Ran “what is that supposed to mean? Are you saying you might not keep it?” I kept quiet, she hit me on the arm “you cant do that!”
Me “why not? Im not sure I want it! You know what kind of a shame it is to have a baby outside marriage! What will my father say?” She laughed
Yoo Ran “whoooohohoho! You are really something else you know that? Two weeks ago, you didnt care about your father’s opinion and now you ask that?!” I rolled my eyes “just tell Mr Blair about the baby and I’m sure he will marry you! The guy loves you Seo Yoona! When are you going to keep living like this!”
Me “what do you mean?”
Yoo Ran “the minute someone tries to love you, you push them away! You did the same thing with Lee Hyo Shin sunbae”
Me “he left for the army!”
Yoo Ran “you broke his heart! You’re doing it now with the American! Come on now! This is beyond pathetic”
Me “ya Kang Yoo Ran!”
Yoo Ran “I’m serious…you need to wake the fuck up and just give yourself and others a chance or you will wake up one day, alone with 37 cats…is that what you want? To become a cat lady?” I slowly shook my head “of course you dont!! So tell Blair Taylor about the baby! Stop hiding!!” She stood up and disappeared in the passage.
Though she was right and I knew it my stubborn pride filled head that she was right….I just wasnt sure…I wasnt sure about anything. I was scared of loving then getting hurt…a baby and marriage all in one go, that was a bit much and I wasnt sure I could handle it all
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
I had successfuly changed my numbers and gave it to all the relevant people in my life. Chase was still in the dog house with me so I didnt give him my new number because he had this annoying tendency of interferring with my life and making things hard for me.
My work was going great, I am an IT genius after all, developing software was my specialty and also hacking into Yoona’s social accounts because I wanted to see what she had been up to but to my disappointment and pleasure, she hadnt been doing much, in fact it seemed like she didnt care about those accounts at all, she wasnt a big social media fan to begin with anyway
JinHo “anyone for lunch?”
Me “I wouldnt say no to food”
Joon “aaahhh because I cant go out in the middle of this delicate download, bring me something on your way back”
Me “like what?”
Joon “fried rice…ya and some chicken, I havent had that in ages”
Me “okay”
JinHo “Okay!! Japanese curry?” I smiled
Me “you read my mind” I grabbed my phone and wallet then we drove over to the Japanese place.
I was shocked to death when we walked in and I saw Yoona with her father, Chairman Seo. They were talking and laughing
JinHo “ya…didnt you say Yoona was estranged from her father?” I nodded, unable to peel my eyes away from them, it was so unreal to see them together, talking cosily and laughing like that. Maybe they had made peace, Yoona had forgiven her father and they were moving on. I felt a pang in my lower abdomen, I hadnt seen her in weeks and I missed her, it hurt that I wasnt in her life, that I wasnt there when she patched things up with her dad, that I knew nothing concerning her. I missed her so much and it hurt like hell
A lump was in my throat and I kept swallowing until I felt my mouth go dry
JinHo “lets sit down” he pushed me towards a table, Yoona was so engrossed in her father’s company that she was barely aware of her surroundings. I pulled out a chair and sat down
JinHo “stop staring will ya? The girl will choke on her food” she was eating hungrily like a baby dinosaur just like she used to, I missed that too…seeing how adorable she looked as she devoured her food, her dad kept laughing and so did Yoona…damn I was dying inside
Me “she has really moved on hasnt she?”
JinHo “yeah…looks like she has. Look at her smiling and eating like she doesnt have a care in the world”
Me “maybe she really never did love me, how can she be like that yet I’m still like this?”
JinHo “look man, you cant force these things okay? Life just never works out the way we want it to, sometimes we want things we cant get and love people who dont love us back, its the cruel cycle of life and you have to live with it”
Me “how can I even begin to do that? I love her!”
JinHo “why dont you ask Yoo Hye Jung for tips? I mean she has to leave with loving you and knowing that you dont love her back too” I looked at him “just like that…you cant help the way you feel right? You love her, she doesnt love you….it cant be helped” my heart dropped down to my feet, he was right…I couldnt make Seo Yoona love me just I couldnt even make myself like Yoo Hye Jung and she was constantly hurting because of that
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I had decided to take Yoo Ran’s advice and stop pushing people away because I was scared to get hurt, disappointed and all those other crappy feelings so I decided to let people in one by one, including my father himself even though he was the reason behind my fucked upness. He had apologized and said all the things I wanted to hear from him all those years ago. Even though I was all grown up and stronger than before, I realised that I still needed my father, even at the age of 23 I still wanted and needed my father, he wanted to make up for all those times I was alone and he wasnt there for me. I was not ready and I’m not sure I would ever be ready to be with his family. Han Seo Hee and her son, were people that triggered my negativity so I wanted to keep them away from me as far as possible, my relationship with my father was more than enough.
I had decided to keep the baby and muster up the courage to tell Blair Taylor about it, I hadnt gotten around to that yet and I hadnt seen him in weeks too, I missed him terribly, just seeing his face
Father “are you full?” We were at the Japanese restaurant having some lunch because I had been craving their curry all day and there was nothing major happening at the hospital so I decided to go hang out with the chairman
Me “can I order some for when I get home? I have a feeling I’ll be wanting more later” he chuckled
Father “you really like their food dont you?”
Me “I love all kinds of food”
Father “you were always like that” I laughed
Me “really?”
Father “mm, since you were in your mother’s belly…she would never stop eating and she’s always blame you” I smiled faintly, thinking about my own child growing inside me, he/she was doing the same thing to me, making me eat twice as much as I usually did. I called the waiter ordered some food for both Yoo Ran and I then dad paid
Me “we should get going before they call me in”
Father “aahh the joys of being a doctor”
Me “I love it ”
Father “I am so proud of you”
Me “really?”
Father “yes, everything you have achieved is from your own abilities, no help from me”
Me “thats how I always wanted it to be”
Father “I’m proud of you” I smiled and took the order, feeling happy that my dad was proud of me
We made our way out of the restaurant but I stopped in my tracks when I saw Jude at one the table with JinHo oppa, he looked at me too and I felt a pain my chest, I missed him terribly and the baby inside me made me love him even more. I did everything in my power to stop myself from running over to him and just letting him hold me
Father “everything okay?”
Me “oh…yes father, everything is okay” I dragged my feet towards the door, blinking back the tears. My father drove me back to work, with a kiss on the cheek, I was out of the car and walking to my office.
Lucky for me, Lee Mi Ho was not in there, I slumped on the couch and cried a little, I was hurting over Jude and feeling stupid about my actions…I pushed him awau for something so stupid and little, I rejected his love over nothing and now I may have lost him forever because of my stupidity! I grabbed my phone and called him on impulse
Operator “the number you have dialed does not exist” tears welled up in my eyes again as I cut the call and slowly removed the phone from my ear. While still being an emotional wreck in the office, I got a call from the intern In Ho, I was needed in the emergency room. I stood up and wiped my tears, straightened my posture and walked out to the world, like I was fine and not a complete wreck!
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
3 days later…..
I was now more convinced than anything that Seo Yoona did not love me, the way she looked at me at that Japanese place then carried on walking as if I wasnt there, as if my presence did not affect her showed me that I had been wasting my time. She was done, she was through and moving on! I had to do the same, for the sake of my daughter and my peace of mind.
It was on a weekend, my baby and I were just chilling in thr house, she was safely tucked next to her daddy watching cartoons and laughing her head off. With her juice mug in hand and a beer in mine, we were having the ultimate lazy day. The cartoon were funny though and I was enjoying them too. The doorbell rang, I grabbed my computer to see who was at the door, I couldnt see the person properly so I got off the couch and went to answer at the door
Me “who is it?”
Person “Brooks Gheller”
Me “what? How the hell did you find me!!”
Brooks “please let me in and we’ll talk” curiousity got the better of me so I opened the gate. I waited by the door and in a few seconds there was a knock, I opened and there he was, a tall guy stood behind him
Brooks “may we come in?” I stepped aside and they walked in, what the fuck was happening?! Did Chase meddle in my life again and tell him where I lived?
Me “so…shall we jump right into it then?”
Brooks “cant we even sit?”
Me “do whatever you like since you wont be staying long” he sat down and the guy stood next to him. I went to sit next to my door, her hands were up wanting me to take her so I put her on my lap
Brooks “I was told you have a daughter, this must be her”
Me “how did you find me?”
Brooks “your friend had told me but lately he didnt want to share any information about you with me. Something about bro code, not wanting to mess up your life and other things…I can understand that so I got help from people who can be paid to give out information but since I already had your address it wasnt that hard” I breathed out a sigh, at least Chase knew that he shouldnt meddle in my life anymore
Me “so? What do you want? 24 years later, you’re here in my house, all the way from the States…why do you want me so badly now?”
Brooks “you can imagine my shock when I bumped into an old friend of mine about 2 months ago, at a business trip in Europe, asked me how my child was doing, and whether Elaine gave birth to a girl or a boy” I looked at him feeling confused
Me “what on earth are you talking about?”
Brooks “your mother and I dated for a couple of months, I was sure she was the ‘one’ but she obviously had other ideas, I was broke and working odd jobs while studying when she left me for an older and much wealthier man….” this suddenly felt like deja vu, Leila had done the same thing to me “she left and never looked back, I worked my ass off, taking part time work, volunteering at local radio stations…I had nothing when I started Gheller productions, my abusive father and drunk of a mother couldnt have cared less about me or my younger siblings. It was up to me to make a change for all of us, to ensure that we got out of the slumps, I did it for them and finally after my hard work, blood sweat and tears, over years of trying and failing, falling over and having to get up again, taking a step forward then having to take ten back, I became the Brooks Gheller everyone knows now…producing thousands of films, tv shows, radio shows, movies and everything else” I listened to his story attentively, wanting to know where I fit into all of this…..
Brooks “at the age of 30 I got married, not for love but to grow my legacy, it wasnt much back then but things were happening and I knew that Gheller Productions would be big one day so I needed an heir to carry on with the family business. Two years after the marriage, my wife died while giving birth to our baby girl”
Me “so you have a daughter?” He nodded
Brooks “she is still a teenager though…but anyway I have lived my whole life knowing that I have just one child, unaware that the time your mother left me, she was already pregnant with you but she never told me and I only found out about you, two months ago from the friend. I was angry at your mother for keeping you from me, so I tracked her down…I hadnt spoken to the woman in years! I found her married with two kids but none of those kids were you. I asked her about my child and she told me that she had put herself in the adoption process so when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, she gave you away in a closed adoption”
Me “oh…..”
Brooks “Jude…I spent an entire month looking for you, putting my best people on the job, from the hospital you were born in…finding out that your adoptive parentd died, your records of my child, my son…bouncing around in the foster home system, you going to NYU….then finding you after NYU was the hardest…but what was even more hard was finding out you died with your daughter while on Holiday in Italy”
Me “you tried that hard to find me?”
Brooks “of course son, your mother took away something very precious from me, though she did not love me, she could have atleast let me raise you”
Me “how were you going to do that? You said it yourself, you were broke and struggling, desperate to build an empire, fucked up parents and siblings to take care of, what were you going to do with me?”
Brooks “I would have found a way Jude, I never would have turned my back on you, your mother robbed me, she robbed us! You have no idea how happy I was when your friend approached me, hearing you were still alive made me weep with joy but you hurt me by pushing me away” I didnt know what to do or say, it felt good to know that my father never abandoned me, guess my daughter both had the bad luck of having fucked up moms
Me “I hear you and I’m sorry I came off so cold”
Brooks “your friend told me everything and I understand…I just had to meet you my son” I smiled faintly and looked at Reign as she snuggled up closer to me….I guess it was a good day!
(Just realised I cant write the finale all in one episode so I’ll post 17 as the bonus episode…sorry for not posting yesterday as promised…life happens

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