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[Story] Baby And Me — Episode 12

Episode Twelve
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
When I woke up the next day, Yoona wasnt in bed and I knew she would have already taken Reign. I got out of bed and dragged my feet to the kitchen but stopped at a halt when I heard her speaking to Leila….I smiled to myself as I listened to them talk, Leila was obviously getting pissed because Yoona is like the most calm and cold person in the world when she wants to be. My baby never gets herself worked up over anything, I mean the girl was able to keep a straight face with her father when she was obviously still hurting and angry with him but she showed no emotion so what was Leila? She was basically child’s play
Leila turned angrily and walked up the stairs, that was my cue to enter the kitchen
Me “morning” she looked up and smiled
Yoona “oppa!” She had this bright smile on her face and it made her look so adorable
Me “oppa?”
Yoona “mm, I think its time I started calling you that dont you that?”
Me “hahaha okay baby, thats fine by me” I walked over to her and laid a deep long kiss on her, Reign was clapping happily
Me “she really loves this”
Yoona “yep, oh chum! Breakfast is almost ready and Unfortunately I cant eat with you”I frowned
Me “why? Is it Leila?” She chuckled
Yoona “oh please, that little hussy doesnt intimidate me” I laughed at the ‘hussy’ part
Me “okay baby” I helped her set the table
Yoona “arent you going into work today?”
Me “ah no, with all these people, I cant leave my house and Mrs Park….”
Yoona “aahh makes sense, take them out…your boys”
Me “really?”
Yoona “mm…show them around and just have fun”
Me “what about Reignie?”
Yoona”go drop her off at ahjumma Park’s place” I smiled
Me “you’re so smart” she beamed up at me and I couldnt resist the urge to kiss her
After she was done setting the table, she decked the table with all the breakfast goodies and my stomach roared
Yoona “breakfast is served! Im going to take a shower” she kissed me on the cheek, Reign cried after her as she walked away so she had to come back and take her then walk back upstairs to her room
I sat down and started eating, Jason was the first to come down and join in
Jay “morning!”
Me “hey man, sleep okay?”
Jay “in that comfy bed? Always”
Me “good”
Jay “where is Yoona?”
Me “taking a shower, she has to go to work”
Jay “oh, what does she do again?”
Me “she’s a neuro surgeon”
Jay “nice! Pretty and educated, I like”
Me “since when?”
Jay “last night I may have seen that she’s actually a cool chick”
Me “oh? Does that mean you’ll back off with the Leila bull?”
Jay “of course! If your girl keeps feeding me like this, how can I be against her” I chuckled
Me “she’s a really good cook huh?”
Jay “of course plus she is so cool, you wouldnt think her dad is like the Richest man in his country…your girl is a billionare”
Me “was a billionare, she wants nothing to do with her dad, even his money”
Jay “why?”
Me “its a long story”
Jay “cool but you know….about Leila man” I put my chopsticks down and let out an irritated sigh
Me “jeez man, can we just get through one day, just one day with out the Leila conversation”
Jay “okay but Jude listen, you know better than anyone how badly it sucks to grow up not knowing your parents, do you really want the same thing for your kid?”
Me “she has me”
Jay “what about her mom? What will you say when she’s all grown up and finds out you kept her from her mother, she will resent you…is that what you want?”
Me “of course not”
Jay “I dont condone Leila’s actions, I know she hurt you and she abandoned Reign but the baby doesnt care about that, when she’s all grown up all she will care about is you keeping her mom away because of your own selfish reasons. You dont want Leila and thats fine but Reign needs her mother” Jason was right and I hated that he was right, it sucked like hell not knowing my parents and I didnt want that for her, Leila is her mom and I could never change no matter how badly I wanted to and every kid deserves to have both their parents in their lives
Jay “you know I’m right”
Me “yeah yeah” we both laughed
After a while Chase came downstairs too and he was loud as always
Chase “mm this looks good! The chaebol sure knows how to feed her guests”
Me “she has a name!”
Chase “oohh how touchy! Where is she anyway?”
Me “in her room”
Chase “aaahh still has her own roon huh? How long have you guys been dating?”
Me “just eat your breakfast and shut up”
Chase “how did you even meet her? She seems more my type than yours”
Jay “hahaha thats true, Jude is more of a softie and Yoona seems hard core” I chuckled, they were right about that but I knew Yoona and she was as big a softie as me underneath all that hard core
Me “I guess opposites attract dont they?”
Chase “is it?”
Me “ya…just eat your food”
Chase “what are we doing today?”
Me “anything you want! I’m taking you boys out….lets go spend some money!”
Chase “yes! This is why I like you!”
Jay “you should have been a rich motherfucker a long time ago! this life is good!” I laughed at these two idiots I called friends, even though they sprung a surprise visit on me, I was happy they came because I had missed them a lot
After breakfast, Yoona was already done preparing for work, Jay and I cleaned up the kitchen while she had a bowl of fruit salad then she kissed me goodbye and left. I went to bath Reign, dressed her up then put her in my room while I went to shower. I was done with my shower and dressed up in a pair of washed out faded ripped jeans and before I could put on my shirt, I got a text and looked it up. While reading the text, I felt someone walk up behind me and put their hands on my bare naked back. Since Yoona had already left for work, I knew it was Leila
Me “you should really learn how to knock before yoy enter people’s rooms” she moved her hands to my chest and planted a kiss on my back
Leila “why? You’re not people….and I definitely wont be seeing you naked for the first time” I turned to face her, removing her hands from my body, she had on this seductive look “you’ve been working out ”
Me “yes, Yoona keeps in shape so I started because I want to look good for her” her smile faded
Leila “did you have to mention that Korean Bitch’s name” I grabbed her throat without even noticing what I was doing
Leila “Jude….” fear crept up in her blue eyes
Me “dont you ever talk about her like that again, you hear me? Or I will snap your little neck in half” she quickly nodded and I let her go, she coughed violently “get out” she didnt say a word and just ran out. I looked at my hands, unable to comprehend with what they had just done, I had vowed I would never lay my hand on a woman but the minute Leila said something bad about Yoona, my first reflex was to hurt her and I couldnt understand why
♡♡♡Se Yoona♡♡♡
I was having a pretty normal day at the hospital, busy as always but luckily no visit to the OR, I was working under dr Choi Young Do, a very brilliant surgeon who I believe I had a lot to learn from. I wont shy away from the fact that the guy was the full package for most girls, extremely goodlooking, rich, tall and very intelligent but my heart belonged to just one man, like a mermaid….I only had a heart that beat for Jude Howard, my Americam prince
Anyway Dr Choi and I were just coming from seeing our patient, we were walking and talking when I saw my father in the reception area, my mood immediately changed and a dark cloud loomed over me
Father “oh there she is” he was talking to the nurse at the reception desk, he smiled and walked towards me, that man was seriously a piece of work I tell you “Seo Yoona, may we speak?”
Me “sunbae, I’ll see you later” he nodded and walked away, I looked at my father with the “what the hell do you want look” shoving my hands into my coat pockets
Father “now thats the kind of young man you should be associating yourself with”
Me “I’m sure you didnt come here to give me dating advice Chairman Seo II Joong. What do you want”
Father “Yoona, must you always be so cold? I’m your father…we’re the only family we have”
Me “are you forgetting the wife and son you traded me for?”
Father “how long will you hold on to the past? Why did you come work here anyway? You could have just applied for a job at Dr Kang’s hospital. You would be the chief of neurology there, I would have pulled some strings”
Me “putting aside the fact that I do not deserve the title of being chief of anything and I wouldnt have earned that position on my own merit, I wouldnt have taken the job knowing that you had something to do with”
Father “Yoona, its time to give up this foolishness and come home, there are things we need to settle as a family and I must ensure that you marry into a good family” I let out a sarcastic laugh
Me “so what? Your step son raping me for 5 years is foolishness?”
Father “stop saying that!”
Me “why? Because once again you want to protect your stupid family? Look here old man, I am no longer under your thumb and I dont dance to your tune anymore. I dont need you in my life because I am more than capable of making it on my own. I went to university on my own, I graduated on my own, I got this job on my own and you are certainly not entitled into making sure I MARRY into a good home! You failed at your chance to do your fatherly duties, there are no second chances in my book Chairman Seo so please get that into your thick old skull and dont come looking for me ever again”
Father “Yoona…..” his voice was pained and I felt my heart pounding hard in my chest “how long will you punish me? I am old and I need my daughter by my side, please” I looked at him, he really was getting old and he seemed frail too like his health wasnt too great. Though I may seem like a total ice cold bitch to my father and though he hurt me to a point where I felt like I was dying, in that moment, with those sad tearful eyes looking at me, I saw my father, the man who was married to my mom, the man who loved us…no matter how angry and resentful I was towards him, he was still my father and I cared about him I suppose, the strain in my heart, tears poking my eyes. I got a call from the intern In Ha
Me “yes In Ha”
In Ha “I need you at the ICU…Mrs Jang is having a relapse”
Me “I’ll be right there”
In Ha ” yes Dr Seo” I looked at my father
Me “I have to go”
Father “Yoona….”
Me “no father, I told you before, just focus on what you chose and leave what you let go of” I turned and left him standing there and made my way to the ICU
After a long day at work, I went straight to Yoo Ran’s hospital because I wanted us to go out for drinks, seeing my dad and realising I still cared about him made me feel things I did not want to deal with.
I arrived at the hospital, at the reception area Yoo Hye Jung was standing there and talking to some guy, I wanted to avoid her so I walked past them really fast
Hye Jung “Seo Yoona” she called out my name, I winced then turned not because I was scared of the bitch but I was just not in the mood to deal with her hussy tendencies
Me “Yoo Hye Jung”
Hye Jung “you’ve been very scarce, I hardly see you these days”
Me “and doesnt that make you happy? I thought seeing my face upset you somehow”
Hye Jung “well I wont say it hasnt been pleasant” she smiled
Me “well continue with your pleasantries and pretend you didnt see me” I turned but she spoke again
Hye Jung “I went to Blair’s place yesterday and this morning I was there too”
Me “and?”
Hye Jung “I thought I’d see you”
Me “I work now”
Hye Jung “I heard”
Me “bye Yoo Hye Jung”
Hye Jung “so where do you live?” I turned again
Me “excuse me?
Hye Jung “when I went there I saw that he has visitors, I spoke to one of them…the lady told me that you moved out after seeing that you and Blair are just not the right fit, good job….it would have been painful if you had to see that the hard way”
Me “ha! The hard way being that he ends up with you? Oh poor Hye Jung, dont kid yourself like that. You’ve been in Blair Taylor’s life for like what? The past 6 or 7 months but you’ve never even had one kiss not to mention eaten dinner together, it will never happen my dear, no matter how patient you are and how long you wait for him….if he wanted you, you’d be together by now” she twisted her mouth angrily “I havent moved out of Blair’s house, I am much closer to him now that we share a bed together” I gave her a sweet mischievious smile “so you and that ‘lady’ you spoke to at the house better give up while you’re at it…Blair Taylor wont give either of the time of day. Now why dont you stay in your little lane and mind your fucking business” I winked at her then catwalked my way down the hall to Yoo Ran’s office
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
I had a great day with the boys, Chase and I took Jason to all the spots Jin Ho Hyung showed me when I first got here. Jin Ho Hyung joined us much later on, we spoke a little about business but not too much since Jay is not in our line of making money. We had a good time as boys, playing around and drinking soju . Because it was quite late, I called Mrs Park and told her I wouldnt be able to fetch Reign so she didnt mind having her sleep over for the night. I was just having a good time with my boys.
We arrived at the house after 10pm after being out all day
Leila “where the hell have you guys been?! You left me alone the whole day!!”
Jay “Leila! Korea is a beautiful country! Seoul is a beautiful city! We had so much fun, you should have come!” We were all so wasted and I was already at the fridge taking out some beers for us to drink some more
Me “ya…Seo Yoona…is she back yet?”
Leila “no” she answered cheekily
Jay “Seo Yoona!” He called her out
Me “she said she isnt home yet dude”
Chase “Leila…did you cook?”
Leila “cook? Do I look like the type”
Chase “whaa, you’re truly something else Leila, so dark hearted! If Seo Yoona was home, we would come back to a nice home cooked meal”
Me “my girlfriend is not your personal chef you ass”
Jay “she is a really good cook!”
Me “she’s good at everything”
Chase “aaaahhhhh! Brag much” I laughed and took a sip of my beer
Leila “where is Reign?”
Me “now you care about her where abouts?”
Jay “Jude! Come on man”
Me “she’s with her sitter, she’ll be spending the night”
Leila “oh” the guys were hungry so we ordered in some grilled short ribs with sweet and sour pork. The food was delivered and we devoured it in seconds over a loud game of international basketball. I called Yoona but she didnt pick up so I guess she was held up at work and didnt stress too much over the fact that it was 11pm and she still wasnt home. Leila had gotten annoyed and left us while we drank, ate and made noise, I was glad I made Reign sleep over at Mrs Park’s house…she wouldnt have survived that night or we wouldnt have taken the party home
Around 12, I tried calling my girl again just as we retreated to our rooms, she still didnt answer but I was too drunk to worry too much about that. I undressed my self and was left with my underwear, too lazy to go into the closet for my pyjamas, I decided to sleep like that. I was about to get in bed when Leila walked in, she wore a short silk gown that was tied around her tiny waist
Me “you…again!” She walked towards me, thoygh my vision was blurry, I could she came in with the agenda to seduce me “Leila…I am too drunk and tired for your bullshit right now, turn right back and leave” she didnt listen to me, she just kept walking. She stood in front of me and pushed me down to the bed then opened her gown to reveal her naked body, her breasts perky and upright, her nipples hard and calling out to me. The last time I had sex was the night before they showed up at my doorstep the following morning
Anyway she dipped her head down and kissed me but I pushed her
Me “Leila…stop it” she pushed me again and I fell on my back, she climbed on top of me and straddled me, my member poking around her entrance as it stood up right and I could feel the heat radiating from her through my underwear, she kissed me again and I responded this time, my hands reaching up to take of the gown she still wore. I tossed it to the side and my hands went to town all over her body, with my eyes closed shut…I could only see Yoona, she was kissing so passionately, her hands moved down and slipped inside the underwear, grabbing my manhood then her warm hand moving up and down my shaft, I moaned inside her mouth. Moving my hands up to her neck, I deepened the kiss, she pulled down the underwear, exposing my very erect penis. I wanted it, I wanted to be inside her so badly so I flipped her over, she let out a gasp and opened for me. My lips did not leave hers, I penetrated…damn she was so warm and it felt amazing, I moved from her lips and opened my eyes to look at her.
My heart leaped to my throat with shock, it wasnt Yoona under me but Leila
Me “Leila?!” She opened her eyes and smiled, I quickly pulled out, my heard turned to the door and there was Yoona….

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