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[Story] Baby And Me — Episode 11

Episode Eleven
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I woke up the next morning feeling good, no scratch that, I felt awesome!! Last night was amazing and long overdue! I had been dying for Blair to make the first move but he was taking too long! 3 months under the same roof with an amazing guy like Blair Taylor or Jude Howard, I was bound to end up feeling something and I knew he felt the same way too but damn! He was fucking slow! This gentleman thing of his can be so annoying sometimes . Anyway I stretched happily and got of out bed, I went to find one of his t-shirts and wore the one I liked best, I slipped my feet into his big slippers because all my stuff was upstairs. Though he was already awake and I knew that he would have taken Brec, I went to check in her room anyway. She was still in bed, wide awake and minding her own business. Her face lit up when she saw me, she smiled and lifted up her arms
Me “aahhh mommy’s little angel is awake! Hello my little Reignie…morning baby!” I picked her up and covered her in kisses while she giggled, hiding herself in my hair. I went to change her nappy
Me “I love you so much, its like I’m the one who gave birth to you. I love being your mom and I hope that I will be around long enough to see you grow up into a beautiful young lady and just between us girls…I hope your daddy has the intentions to keep me around because God knows how much I want to be with you Americans, you waltzed into my life and created a permanent space in this ice queen’s frozen heart. I love you” I picked her up and kissed her “lets go see what your daddy is up to” we walked out of her room to the lounge and I stopped to a halt when I saw Blair standing with so many unfamiliar faces and some woman holding on to him like her life depended on it.
Brec made excited baby sounds as soon as she saw her father, they all turned to face us including the woman clinging on to Blair, she detached herself from him. I looked at Blair in confusion but he had this blank expression on his face
Me “Blair Taylor? Kinchana?” I decided to ask him in Korean, he shook himself out of where ever he was and looked at me
Blair “oh Yoona…!” He walked towards me and took Brec from me, I searched his face to see if he was okay “ah yeah…kinchana” I looked back at these people and they just stared at us
Me “who….?” I asked him still speaking Korean
Guy1 “Oh! We had no idea you have a visitor uh….Blair….oh morning miss! I’m Chase, his friend” he came to shake my hand, I just stared at him with a blank face. Blair didnt tell me he was going to have visitors but judging by his face, he didnt know they were coming either “do you understand English? I…am…Blair’s friend……friend” I still gave him a blank face, hating that he was in my face like that and speaking to me like some uneducated street hoodrat
Woman “is that her?” She asked in a shaky voice, she slowly walked towards us and the other guy was just standing there. The woman tried to reach out to Brec but she refused, Blair took a step back from her
Blair “Yoona, can I talk to you for a second?” I nodded, he grabbed my arm and pulled me outside to the pool are “look uh…there is something I have been wanting to tell you for a long time now, I dont know how you will take it but I hope it doesnt ruin things between us….” I knew what he wanted to tell me, he opened his mouth but struggled to find the words, I could see that it was hard for him and he was scared I’d leave
Me “its okay Jude Howard…” his expression changed to shock mixed with confusion
Jude “wha….how did you….you know my….” I chuckled
Me “mm, I’m sorry but my father did an intensive background check on you and found out that you faked your death and changed your identity then came here, I’ve known for the past two months and I’m sorry I didnt say anything” he was still dumbstruck, poor guy had too many bombs being dropped on him in one morning “its okay Blair Taylor or Jude Howard, I know that you have a past and it doesnt matter to me what it is…I still want to stay”
Jude “really?” I nodded then stood on my toes and kissed him, Brec clapped happily and we both chuckled
Me “she likes it”
Jude “of course she does! We had sleepless nights talking about this” I laughed
Me “really? Cos we did too” he laughed too
Jude “we burdened our daughter with our love issues instead of just talking to each other”
Me “she is a really good listener though”
Jude “I dont dispute that” we laughed again and Reign joined in
Me “but uh…those people in there?”
Jude “uh” he scratched his head “my American friends, Chase and Jason, they just sprung a surprise visit on me….I still dont know why they brough Leila”
Me “Leila…?”
Jude “Reign’s birth mother” I felt a twist in my heart
Me “birth mother? What is she doing here?”
Jude “I dont know but I intend to find out”
Me “Jude…..” he looked at me, I was scared…what if I would lose Reign and him? What were his friends doing here anyway and why would they bring her?
Jude “its okay, I promise I will fix this okay?” I nodded and he smiled “say it again?”
Me “what?”
Jude “my name”
Me “mm Blair Taylor ”
Jude “no!”
Me “mm then, Jude Howard?” He smiled
Jude “yes…but remember you cant call me that when there’s other people around”
Me “okay” he kissed my forehead and gave me Brec then we walked back to the lounge “I need to get ready for work”
Jude “okay”
Me “the baby?”
Jude “its okay ” I smiled at him then gave a bow to his friend and walked upstairs to my room
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
I was angry and confused, I just couldnt understand why Chase would bring these people to my house without even asking me and worst of all, why the fuck he brought Leila!
Chase “who is the Korean beauty? The chaebol JinHo told me about?”
Me “what are you doing here Chase?” I tried to ask calmly, supressing my anger “and why did you bring her?” I said looking at Leila
Jase “look man, I just really wanted to see you and I thought you said, you’d give Leila another chance”
Me “another chance to do what?”
Jay “so you can raise Reign together, thats why I told her the truth and we brought her here”
Me “you should have spoken to me about it first! You cant just rock up here…how the hell am I supposed to explain your presence to people?! Come on guys, are you kidding me?!”
Chase “Jude! Why are you so angry? I only helped you reconnect with the people you love”
Me “no Chase, you interfered and fucked with my life okay?! Telling Jason I am still alive and why I had to lie about dying then bringing him and Leila here…those are things I wanted to do in my own time. What you have done is a serious dick move”
Chase “wow! So ungrateful this guy!”
Jay “Jude…..are you saying that you’re not happy to see us?”
Me “thats not what this is about and he knows it! What will I tell people when suddenly I have all these people in my house! How will any of this commemorate with the story I spun with these people I have associated myself with here? I am already dealing with some shit at the moment and now I have to deal with this?”
Leila “Jude, I just really wanted to see her…”
Me “dont even talk to me! I dont even have the energy to deal with you right now” I exhaled a exasperated sigh “Chase, lets talk please” he jumped up from the sofa
Chase “alright!” We went back to the pool area where I was talking to Yoona before
Me “what the fuck is wrong with you?”
Chase “I just thought….”
Me “no! You didnt think at all! How can you…out of all people do something like this? You know how I’m living here and now you want to bring them into this? And Leila? That is just fucked up man!”
Chase “I mentioned to Jason I was coming here to see you and for business with Ahn JinHo, he said he had some free miles then next thing he pops up with Leila. I’m sorry man”
Me “you can be very stupid sometimes!”
Chase “honestly man, who is that girl? Is she the chaebol’s daughter?”
Me “yes, her father is Seo II Joong” his mouth fell open
Chase “really? Damn that man is filthy rich! Wasnt she on the list of youngest Billionares?” I rolled my eyes
Me “I dont know”
Chase “dude you just made bank! That kid is loaded, how did you meet her anyway?”
Me “Chase! Focus!!”
Chase “right right…uh okay…look we will find a solution to all this”
Me “you’re driving me completely crazy” he laughed
Chase “lets go back inside, we need some rest…we’re jetlagged as fuck”
Me “fine” we walkes back inside and Jason was switching channels on the tv
Jay “is everything Korean on this tv?”
Me “you guys must be tired, I’ll show you to your rooms, come” I walked up stairs and they followed me with their bags. Yoona came out of her room and she wore tight skinny jeans that hugged her body in the best way, a white shirt that she tucked in, her long her flowed effortlessly down to her shoulders, she looked beautiful
Yoona “everything sorted?” She was asking in Korean
Me “yeah, we’ll talk later” I replied in Korean too, she gave me Brec who was smelling fresh and clean, Yoona kept some of her stuff up in her room because on some nights they would sleep together
Yoona *Korean* “I’ll be going”
Me *Korean* “Enjoy your day” I kissed her on the cheek then she catwalked her way down the stairs
Jay “you speak Korean now?”
Me “a little”
Chase “can she not speak English?” I walked a small distance away from Yoona’s room and opened the door
Me “you know your room Chase”
Chase “aaahhh its still exactly the way I left it!” He walked in and I showed Jay to his then lastly Leila
Leila “can I hold her?”
Me “who?”
Leila “the baby” I chuckled
Me “the baby huh? You mean the same baby you left at my doorstep then told me to get rid off if I didnt want her? Sure Leila…” I walked over to her and tried to give her Reign but my daughter blatantly refused, clutching on to my shirt for dear life
Me “see? Just like you didnt want her, she doesnt want you either” then I turned to leave. I walked back downstair to the kitchen and but Reign down “you must be hungry” I made her some cereal then fed her still in deep thoughts on how I was going to handle my situation
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I drove to work using one of Jude’s cars, I had a bittersweet feeling brewing in my body. I felt good about what happened between us last night, we finally got somewhere and I wanted us to take it even further but then his American friends were in the country even the mother of his child, what if they took him away? What if I had to lose him and baby Reign? I finally felt like I had purpose in my life and that was loving Jude and Reign so what would become of me if they were no longer there for me to love, care for and give me purpose?
I arrived at work still in these thoughts, as soon as I entered the hospital, I was met at the door by one of the interns I worked with, I had a new patient on top of all the other patients I already had to check on. We went straight to the patient’s room and it was a little boy
Me “what happened?”
In ho “uh…he just regained consciousness, he was hit by a base ball while playing in the park”
Me “bleeding?”
In Ho “I think its internal”
Me “then why are we still here? Take him for an MRI scan!”
In Ho “yes Dr Seo!” They wheeled out the boy who was slipping in and out of consciousness
Me “page me when you get the results. I have to check on miss Kae In”
In Ho “yes Dr Seo!” I chuckled, he was such a cute and eager young guy and I loved working with him. I quickly went to check on my other patients and that kept me so pre occupied, I didnt even have to time to think about Blair Taylor, Reign’s birth mother and his friends. The hospital kept me busy and I liked that, I liked working and putting my knowledge into practise, neurology was exciting….you can learn everything you can about the brain but since we can never fully learn everything about it, it surprises you everyday, the way it functions and heals itself sometimes. Truly exciting times
During my lunch break, I couldnt even sit down for a sandwich because I had to prep for surgery, the little 9 year old boy I had seen earlier, he was bleeding into his brain and rapidly so we had to prepare for emergency surgery to drain the blood and repair the damage. It was a simple surgery but you can never be too confident about these things, a lot can go wrong on the operating table
Me “Kang In ho?”
In Ho “yes Dr Seo?”
Me “get ready to scrub in” his face broke into a bright smile
In Ho “yes Dr Seo” I smiled back, he was such a lovely person and some of the other nurses. The fellows though….they didnt really like me every time I entered the room, the laughter and chatter would die! Lucky for me I shared an office with someone who minded her own business, Mi Ho did not socialize at all, she came to work and worked! Well I was no different either #sigh
The surgery went successfully and the young boy was going to make a full recovery. I went straight to my office, I just wanted to sit down for a couple of minutes before getting called out again. I slumped on the sofa and closed my eyes
Jude “tired?” I opened my eyes and saw him hovering over me, I sat up
Me “hey what are you doing here?”
Jude “I brought you lunch” he handed me the paper bag that smelled like ddubokki
Me “oohh you’re the best!” He bent down and kissed me, I opened the food and took out the chopsticks, I looked around but I couldnt see Reign “Brec?”
Jude “aahh we couldnt get past the reception desk, everyone wanted a piece of her”
Me “aahhh she gets attention where ever she goes that one”
Jude “our little star”
Me “mm” I started eating and the flavours just melted in my mouth, damn I was hungry
Jude “everything okay?”
Me “your friends”
Jude “aahh! I left them at the house, they were still resting”
Me “what happens now? We just…you know….and I want to see where this thing takes us but now with your friends here and Reign’s birth mom….” he took my food and put it aside then took my hands into his
Jude “baby, we have been waiting months for a chance like this and I wont let anyone mess up what we have just started, I also want to see where it takes us and Yoona, you dont have to worry about Leila, you are Reign’s mother, she loves you…that will never change”
Me “but it doesnt change the fact that she is her mom and I’m not”
Jude “Leila left!” He snapped “she left her when she was only a few days old, at my doorstep with nothing! She then had the audacity to tell me that I should get rid of her should I find that she wasnt mine! Leila is not even a factor right now okay? Dont worry about her” I smiled faintly “I’ll fix everything”
Me “okay” he kissed me
Jude “I’ll go find our daughter, she will be happy to see you”
Me “me too” he stood up and left the room, while I finished eating.
♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡
After visiting Yoona at the hospital, I drove back to the house and found Yoo Hye Jung at the gate
Me “Hye Jung” she smiled
Hye Jung “Blair”
Me “everything okay?”
Hye Jung “mm, I was just checking up on you, also I may have left a file here”
Me “aahhh that, I saw it…come in” I opened the gate and we went to the house. I found my guests in the kitchen making themselves at home
Chase “Blair! You’re home…Hye Jung!”
Hye Jung “annyeo Chase” she bowed
Chase “still looking as beautiful as every!”
Hye Jung “thank you”
Me “I’ll get your file” I gave her Reign then went to find her file in one of the drawers in the kitchen “found it!” I held it up
Hye Jung “thank you” I didnt even want to introduce the two strangers in the kitchen with Chase, I just needed her to leave
Me “then, I’ll see you later?”
Hye Jung “yeah okay” she kissed Reign then gave her back to me and she left
Chase “still keeping the old squad I see” I only just looked at him, I didnt have the energy
Me “you guys well rested?”
Jay “yep! Your beds are the shit man! Your house is amazing!”
Me “thanks Jay, have you eaten?”
Jay “no, we didnt even know what to make, all this food is so unfamiliar” I grabbed the phone and threw it at him
Me “order in, Chase will tell you where”
Chase “arent you going to cook for us? We’re your guests!”
Me “since I wasnt prepared for any guests, I dont have anything to fully cater to you guys with…so order in or dont eat at all”
Chase “whaaa! When did you become so cold hearted?”
Me “I’m going to put Reign down, she’s tired”
Leila “can I do it?” I looked at her
Me “no”
Jay “uh come on man! She needs to bond with her” I shot him a deadly look
Me “you stay out of this”
Jay “damn! He really has become cold hearted” I shook my head and walked to Riri’s room. I put her on her cot then sang to her, she liked that very much, my voice put her straight to sleep.
I heard them speaking as I walked over to my room
Leila “this harder than I thought it would be, he wants nothing to do with me, not to mention that Reign wont even let me touch her”
Jay “dont get discouraged, you knew it wasnt going to be easy, babies are easy, just keep trying with her and she will get used to you too”
Chase “ya…you can try all you want with Reign but forget any chance with Jude, he is way over you”
Jay “is it because of that girl he was with earlier today?”
Leila “why didnt you tell us about her?”
Chase “I didnt know either but she is an heiress, she was even on the list of Korea’s youngest Billionares, she is a real Chaebol and I know Jude, he’s probably with her to get something. You see guys, he is no longer the guy you all used to know, Jude only looks out for himself and his daughter, every thing he does is to provide a better life for Reign”
Leila “so you’re saying I wont get him back?”
Jay “thats nonsense, Leila is Jude’s first love and the mother of his child, she just needs to show him that she has changed and isnt the heinous cow who dumped him and left him with a new born”
Leila “Hey!”
Jay “which part is the lie?” There was silence so I decided to walk out
Me “have you guys ordered?”
Jay “we’re getting pizza”
Me “okay” I walked to the kitchen and took out the left over spicy noodle stew from the previous night and warmed it up
Chase “Jude, you could at least try to act excited that we’re here”
Jay “I’m getting the feeling that you dont want us here” I looked at them
Me “if I say I dont, will that make me a cold heart jerk?”
Chase “yes!”
Me “look guys I’m sorry if thats how I come across but you must understand, you cant just spring a visit like this on me…Chase knows that!”
Chase “okay okay! Jeez I am sorry…get over it now and just enjoy this time you have with your friends” how could I even begin to enjoy having them around when there was so much at stake now? Yoona and I just got together last night then to top it all off, her father knew my real identity and I couldnt help but worry what he would do with that information and worse part, they brought that Leila to my house! So how could I possibly even begin to entertain them?
The microwave made the ding sound and I took out my food, pulled out a chair and started eating
Jay “you have really adapted to this life hey? You speak their language, you eat their food and you even use these choptsicks, whatever happened to a fork and a knife or a spoon?”
Me “can I please just eat without you making a comment about every single thing?”
Jay “fine”
Chase “Jude, I’m sorry okay…I can see you’re not happy about this”
Me “its not that Chase, you guys have just come at a really bad time right now thats all”
Jay “what is it? Is something wrong?”
Me ” no…its just an inconvenient time thats all”
Chase “lets talk” I looked at him and he signaled out to the pool area, I sighed but stood up anyway and followed him out
Chase “so tell me, why are you in such a bad mood?”
Me “Yoona’s father knows….”
Chase “knows what?”
Me “that I am Jude Howard!”
Chase “what?!”
Me “he must also know why I faked my death man…he is estranged from his daughter and he found out that she lives here so he did some intensive digging up om me and found out I’m Jude then told Yoona” he put his hands on his head and paced around
Chase “oh no…this is bad! What do you think he’ll do?”
Me “how should I know? I just found out this morning that he knows! Its been 2 months already and he’s been really quiet, he isnt even pestering his daughter anymore”
Chase “then maybe, maybe he’s forgotten about the whole thing”
Me “you think so? You think that Chairman Seo II Joong will let some American boy continue to live with his daughter and do nothing about it?” He sat down
Chase “no”
Me “now you brought Jason and Leila here so they could get mixed up in all this mess! This why you shouldnt have meddled!”
Chase “I’m sorry man, I didnt know….”
Me “thats is why you should have called!” I said, gritting my teeth “now I have to deal with this crap, getting my relationship of the ground with Yoona, Jason and Leila? You have really outdone yourself this time Chase”
Chase “I said I’m sorry”
Me “I dont even want to hear it…sorry is not going to help me now”
Chase “we can take control of this situation” I looked at him “you can just send the chaebol back home to her daddy then go back to the States with us, you’ll avoid all this drama”
Me “shut up…if you’re not going to be helpful then shut the fuck up!” I turned and walked back to the kitchen
Chase “just think about it man” I waved him off, Jay was alone in the kitchen, eating my food
Me “Ya!”
Jay “oh God, this is really good, I found a fork” he held it up with a smile, I chuckled
Me “aaahhh okay okay…you can finish it up” I noticed Leila wasnt in the room “where’s Leila?”
Jay “the kid’s room”
Me “what?” I turned and walked towards Reign’s room
I found Leila in Reign’s room, she was hovering over her? Watching her sleep
Me “what are you doing?” She looked at me with sad eyes and I felt nothing
Leila “she is so beautiful, she looks exactly like you”
Me “what are you doing Leila? Why are you even here?”
Leila “It took me a really long time to realise that I had made a terrible mistake, leaving you and leaving her….I just, I guess Im hoping for a second chance”
Me “really? After what everything you did? You made me realise that you’re not the girl I thought you were, you proved everyone who warned me against you right…do you really think you deserve a second chance?”
Leila “doesnt everyone?” Her eyes were now smiling seductively, she walked towards me and put her arms on me “come on Jude, remember all the good times we shared? The struggles we went through together, how good I used to make you feel” she ran her long finger on my face then placed it on my lips “I can still make you feel that way, we can have the future you always talked about, me, you and our baby girl…we can be a family….come on, give it a chance, give us a chance again…we can make this work, I promise” she stood on her toes and put her lips on mine, I held her shoulders and pushed her back. Her eyes moved from mine and looked at the door then she smiled, I turned to face the door and Yoona was standing there…….
♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡
I knew that with his friends there, Blair Taylor and I wouldnt be able to have the privacy we needed to establish what we just started, I knew I’d be coming home to a full house. The minute I walked through the door, thats Chase belittled me from the word go, talking to me like I was some uneducated freak. I ignored him and let him carry on thinking I couldnt speak English or understand it, instead I went to check in Jude’s room but when he wasnt there, I went straight to Reign’s room and thats where I found that Leila chick kissing him
She smiled as soon as she saw me, I dont know if she thought that would rattle me or something. Jude was shocked and I saw a little guilt displayed on his face, I smiled walked over to him, I pulled him away from Leila and gave him a real deep kissing, tongue and all then broke it, I looked at Leila
Me “and thats how its done” I said to her, she sneered and walked out
Jude “wow! What was that?”
Me “I saw what happened, you dont have to worry” he pulled me by my waist and kissed me
Jude *korean* “whaaa…my girlfriend is truly amazing”
Me “girlfriend? I like it ”
Jude “really?”
Me “mm…uh, she sleeping?”
Jude “yeah”
Me “I’m hungry, shall I make dinner?”
Jude “arent you tired?”
Me “I had two hours of sleep at the hospital, I’m okay”
Jude “alright! My friends would love a traditional Korean meal”
Me “I’m sure they would” I lifted my chin up and he kissed me.
I changed out my clothes and wore his sweater and my sweat pants. I went back out to the guys and started on supper while they watched tv, Blair seemed to be enjoying himself around his friends even though the whole situation was a little tense but it was good for him to be around his people. The pots were already boiling on the stove when Brec woke up screaming her lungs out
Jude “aaahhh there she goes”
Me “I’ll get her” his friends turned to look at me
Chase “uh! You cant speak English?! Then why have you been pretending you couldnt?!”
Me “I never did that, I wont be held accountable for your dumb stereotypical chauvinist racist opinions” I walked to Reigns room and she was already up on her feet
Me “must you always wake up like that?” I went to take her and wiped her tears “its okay, you’re not alone…mommy is here” I kissed her and she laid on my chest, we walked out and I went to put her in her chair
Me “hungry?”
Chase “ya…you dont have be to be so rude okay? I will be the best and yours and Jude’s wedding so you better be nice to me if you want the best best man toast” I laughed
Me “then maybe you can stop being a racist pig” he jumped from the sofa and walked to the kitchen
Chase “I’m sorry, its just that this morning, you didnt respond when I spoke to you, so I thought….”
Me “I cant speak nor understand English”
Chase “yet you speak it so well, you dont even have the funny weird accent” I laughed
Me “well I had a very expensive education”
Chase ” I wouldnt expect anything less from a chaebol”
Me “and so you shouldnt”
Chase “I apologise…I may have an over bearing personality but I am not a racist nor am I a pig”
Me “good then, we will get along great!”
Chase “you’ll be nice to me?”
Me “I really want that best best man toast at my wedding” he laughed
Chase “I like you ” I smiled at him and said nothing
Jude “ya…whats going on here?” He was standing next to Chase
Me “just getting know your best man”
Jude “best man?”
Chase “yes! When you get married, I’ll be your best man so I’m just getting to know the bride to be” he chuckled and I could just see that Jude and Chase were really close but that over bearing thing of his was sometimes a problem between them. The other was cold towards me and even a fool could see that he was team Leila
I finished cooking and dished up for everyone, while the men spoke, Leila was not even at the table, she refused to eat my food something about allergies …whatever, she could starve to death for all I cared. After eating, Jude and I cleaned up in the Kitchen while Brec played with uncle Chase. We stayed up watching tv, Leila got up and went to bed and I was just left with the boys, even Jason started to warm up to me, we were watching English football and we favored the same team so that made us get to know each other a little more…all human beings have the flaw of judging a book by its cover, no one is immune to that, it just makes us even more imperfect and human
I went to put Brec down and we all decided to go and sleep after the game, as I walked up the stairs following the guys to my room, Jude pulled me back down
Jude “You’re sleeping downstairs tonight” I smiled and followed him to his room, I changed out of the clothes I was wearing and got into bed, snuggling up next to him.
The following morning I woke up early and went to check on Brec, she was already awake so I picked her up changed her nappy then walked to the kitchen with her, putting her down in her chair then gave her, her bottle while I worked on breakfast. After a while Leila came down the stairs and headed straight for the fridge without even greeting. She took out bottled water then walked over to Reignie
Leila “hey mommy’s little girl” she tried to touch her but Reign resisted by moving away from her and screaming
Me “just leave her” she gave me the devil’s eye
Leila “what?”
Me “you can see she doesnt want you so just leave her, she will get used to you in due time” she let out a sarcastic laugh
Leila “so you’re giving me advice now? Dont forget this Yoona or whatever…this is my daughter!” I laughed
Me “you’re her birth mother yes but unlike you, who knows nothing about being a mom, it doesnt feel good to hear cry…if you were her mother, then you’d know that you shouldnt do stuff that will upset her” she twisted her mouth angrily and I moved Brec’s chair away from her “its okay baby” I kissed her chick and gave her her bottle again
Leila “enjoy it while it lasts Korean girl” I looked up at her
Me “what?”
Leila “It must be nice huh? Acting my daughter’s mother and taking my place in Jude’s life…but I’m back now and that will all end”
Me “you’re very confident Leila, I like that in a woman but lets get one thing straight, I am not acting like her mother, I am her mother…maybe you dont know the definition of the word ‘mother’ so I suggest you look it up because being a mom doesnt mean just giving birth….and I am not taking your place in Jude’s life, your place was long gone before I even got here…I just simply created my own and now I have permanent residency in his heart”
Leila “we’ll see how long this little happy family of yours lasts, I am back to take back whats mine so you better be ready for a fight”
Me “I dont fight Leila…whats mine will always be mine and I wont have to even lift a finger to keep it and what isnt mine, isnt mine…I dont stress myself over such trivial things. You can try until you’re blue in the face but if Jude is meant for me then you can do what ever you want but you wont be able to have him or take him but if he isnt, then so be it…I wont die without him either way” I flashed her a fake smile and I could see she was getting angry so she just turned and darted back up the stairs. I laughed
Me “what a drama queen!” Reign laughed too….
I dont know what kind of girls Leila was used to but she was dealing with a different kind this time and I was going to give her the fight of her life…Korean Style

Updated: October 15, 2017 — 7:21 PM


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