[Story] Arabella’s Massage (18 +) – The End (Episode 5)


I heard my phone ringing and realized I had been standing in the bathroom for quite a while.
I hadn’t even cleaned myself up yet. I removed my boxers and wiped off the jizz as I picked up the phone.

“Hello la mia fidanzata!!!” it was Arabella.
“Hello Arabella. I had that dream again”
“Aww my poor baby!!! I will soon be back in the States. I just have a few more weeks to spend here. I am so Pazzo without you around me.”
“Well, I hope you come back soon, because those dreams are becoming frequent. This time you were a succubus.”
“What?!! A succubus? But you know I’m always your succubus. You and only you” she said.
“Unless you want me to die soon, then you have to not be one” I fired back.
“Take care of yourself then. Vi amo con tutto il cuore”
“Yeah. Right back at ya” I replied. I hardly understood any of her Italian phrases.

I hung up the phone, looked at myself in the mirror, and sighed.

****THE END****


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