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[Story] Arabella’s Massage (18 +) – Episode 4


Arabella leaned over me and began rubbing her big oiled up jugs all over my face and my chest.
I mumbled as she began to kiss me all over. She continued to stroke my cöck up and down. She kissed my forehead, down to my face, my lips, all over my chest. She continued down to my stomach and then finally to my hard cöck.
She kissed the head, licking off the pre-cüm that had coated it. I m0aned with pleasure.
“Oh baby” I m0aned.
“Do you like that?” she asked.
“Yes I like that. I like it” I responded.
“Then you will like this even more” she said.
She opened her mouth and stuffed me into her mouth so deep, I thought she would gag. She continued sU-Cking hard, her saliva drooling out of her mouth, those slurping noises as she made me fück her throat loud. I felt I would cüm at any moment. She alternated stroking and sU-Cking for a long time, squeezing my balls hard when she felt I was almost close.
“I know you want to cüm soon. I don’t want you to cüm yet” she said.
She sq££zed my balls so hard I almost screamed out, but it did the magic. My urge to shoot my load disappeared immediately.
She moved back to the edge of the bed.
“Now I want you to fück my jugs Dayjee.
Fück my bööbs real good”.
She bent over me and put my hard rod in-between her bööbs. She poured oil all over.
I held each one in my hands and wrapped them round me. She rocked back and forth and I began to move my hips, thrusting slowly between her beautiful jugs.
“Oh that feels good. Fück my tìts hard Dayjee.
Let me feel that hard cöck between my tìts”.
I thought I was in dreamland. Fücking Arabella’s tìts? I must be dreaming. But it felt real to me. She stopped me and lay on the bed.
I straddled her chest as she held her melons together around my hard member. I continued to push in and out of her soft pillows.
“Oh baby I can feel your tìts.” I m0aned.
“You like them baby? You like the feeling of my tìts around your dìck?”
“I love it baby. You are going to make me cüm baby.”
“I want you to cüm Dayjee. I want you to cüm all over these puppies. Let me feel that hot cüm all over them.”
I was reaching my point of no return. She had frigged herself to two orgasms and she sq££zed her b0s0ms together as I bleeped them.
She pushed me off her and knelt in front of me.
“Cüm on these beauties Dayjee. Come real good on them!!! I can’t wait anymore!!! Let me feel your hot stuff NOW!!!”
I put my hands over hers as I thrust. Very soon I felt myself begin. I began to thrust faster.
“Oh baby I’m going to cüm now. I can feel it coming” I p@nted.
“Then cüm for me baby. Stop talking and cüm.
Come for me real good”
She grabbed and stroked my dìck and rubbed it against her nìpples as I began to cüm. One, two, three spasms and the first traveled and splashed over her left breást and she moved it over to the right one. That one also got a dose of Fluid and she milked me, alternating between both breásts as I shot spurt after spurt over them till they were drenched.
I flopped back hard on the bed as she beamed with all that jizz sliding down her DDs to her tummy.
“Wow, that’s a lot Dayjee.” She said, smearing it further into her breásts.
I was p@nting hard, I could not immediately respond. I had to catch my breath.
“You really cümmed so hard Dayjee. Now that my bööbs have been treated, it’s my wet püssy’s turn for some affection.”
“Wait. Let me catch my breath and energy back first.” I pleaded, raising my hand in surrender.
“Don’t worry, you will.” She replied.
She crawled towards me where I sat on the edge of the bed. She parted my laps and grabbed my cöck once more. Whatever ministrations she did, I thought would not work, but to my surprise, after only a few minutes, I felt it growing hard again. This time around I knew it would take a long time before I came again.
“You see? I told you. You will be fine.” She said.
I silently said a prayer. This girl was going to bang me into a coma today.
Arabella stood up and slowly slid out of her shorts. She pulled off her bikini bottom and stood there in front of me, as náked as the day she was born. She held her cüm-smeared tìts together, presenting them to me like an offering to her god.
“Do you like what you see baby? Do you like my body?”
I gaped at her nákedness. Her fiery red hair, her glistening pale skin, her massive jizz-covered jugs, the smooth belly, the V of her bare and shaved püssy. She looked like a goddess.
My heart was banging seriously as I tried to gather my thoughts together. My cöck was rock again throbbing, nodding with each heartbeat.
She began rubbing her hands all over her body.
She inserted her fingers into her shaved and bare püssy, tickling her clìt, bringing her soaked fingers to her mouth and sU-Cking. I could see the juices sliding down her thighs. She pointed at me, indicating I come over.
“Come over here you. Come give this hot body some loving” she said.
She moved back and sat on the dresser. She spread her legs apart, toying with her clìt, inviting my dìck into her.
“Come over here Dayjee. I’m all so hot and wet for you.” she purred sexily.
I moved to her and took her in my arms. She reached into a drawer and grabbed a condom.
She rolled it over my hard dìck and then positioned it at the entrance of her wetness.
She slowly spread her lips as I pushed into her.
She exhaled, her breath escaping like a deflated tire as I inched deeper and deeper into her.
“Oh God you fill me up sooo GOOD AND DEEP!!!!” she exhaled.
I began to pump in and out of her. Her püssy walls were so tight. I was in ecstasy. I ploughed into her deeper, my dìck hardly leaving her püssy.
“Fück me hard baby. I can feel you so deep”.
She m0aned.
I continued to fück her at her command. I felt like I was cümming constantly. I lifted her up from the dresser and turned her around. I pushed her against the wall and grabbed her waist, ploughing and fücking her from behind.
She kept m0an!ng and calling my name, telling me to fück her faster and harder.
After a while, we found ourselves tumbling towards the bed. She lay on her tummy and I lay on top of her, sliding into her from behind.
I grabbed her jugs squashed under her. I slowly slid in and out of her, fücking her slowly, her round arse jiggling with each slam.
“Mmm babay. That’s so good. Take it slow like that. Rendere più lentamente per mamma” she said.
I rolled off her and positioned myself behind her.
I lifted her leg up, slid my dìck into her, and continued to thrust. She turned her head to face me, lying on her back. I sq££zed her bööbs, plastering her lips with kisses just to muffle her screams as I slammed into her harder.
She moved away and rolled over me, straddling me as she slowly sat on my dìck, sliding it into her. She leaned forward with a smile on her face, kissing my lips, her hair falling all over my face.
“What is so funny baby”, I asked, reaching up to hold and sq££ze her bööbs.
“The look on your face. You look like you want to pass out”, she said, pushing them forward into my palms, her hands covering mine over her bööbs. She slowly rocked up and down, rotating her hips round and round as we mated.
We continued like that for a long time.
I was almost near my climax. She had cüm a couple of times already. I felt the s£nsat!on building up again. I was soon going to explode.
“Baby, I’m going to cüm again” I informed her.
“Cüm? You want to cüm? Let me make you cüm baby. Cüm hard for me” she replied.
She suddenly increased her pace. Her powerful muscles grabbed me as she willed me to fück her to the end. I thrust into her even faster and we both yelled out as we came at the same time.
The force was so powerful – my vision began to blur.
Everything went dark as I shot my load and I blacked out totally.
I gradually came to my senses and realized she had passed out on top of me. She had this dazed look in her eyes as she p@nted, trying to regain her breath. Her body shuddered and spasmed as if she was in shock. I felt so wasted and sapped.
The bed was a mess, the sheet all tangled around and over us, stained with a mixture of sweat, oil, and our juices. I kissed her and she slowly came out of her daze.
“What…What happened? I think I blacked out for a moment there” she finally breathed.
“I guess we both blacked out for a few seconds.” I replied.
“That was hot Dayjee. That was a really hard fück you gave me. I’ve never been bleeped that hard before”.
I sat up. “Yeah Arabella. You really pushed it.”
“I’ve never been so satisfied like this.
You really filled me up.”
“You too baby. You really have that energy.
To answer your earlier question, you are a wild animal”.
“You hypocrite” she yelled, punching me in my stomach.
I laughed and looked at my watch. It was almost 8:00pm. We had been fücking for almost three straight hours. I showed her and she screamed.
“Dio onnipotente!!! Is that how long we’ve been screwing?”
“I guess so. Right now I don’t think I can drive back immediately. I need a little rest. I’m too sapped. You really drained me”
“That’s okay. You can stay here and rest for the night. Right now I need a long hot shower.”
She got up from bed and I watched her as she seductively walked náked to the bathroom.
I waited till she was through before I went to take a bath myself. She found a couple of her brother’s old shirts she had packed and gave me one. We were both too tired to eat anything else, and we la!d the bed. After a few hours of watching TV and talking, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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