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[Story] Arabella’s Massage (18 +) – Episode 2


One Monday afternoon, during one of our regular chats at work, she asked whether I was free that weekend. I told her I wasn’t planning on doing anything and she said she needed help moving some furniture around her new apartment.
Apparently, she had just moved from her apartment into a new condo. She had so many things that she needed hauled up to her 4th floor condo, and “since you are the only gentleman I know, I thought maybe you could help me out, please!!!!!” I laughed and asked her when she wanted me to be there.
“Could you come by 7am?”
“7am?!!! Are u nuts?!! I live about an hour away!!! I am not up on a Saturday at 7am!!”
“Ha-ha!!! Could you make it before 10 then?
I really want to get things done early.”
“Okay, I’ll see what I can do. But I’m not promising the time though”
“I’ll hold you to that”.
“See u then.”
Saturday morning. I woke up around 8. After showering and dressing up, I gave Arabella a call.
Seems she had a very long night partying with her friends, cos she was still sleeping when she picked up. I told her I would be there by 10 and she said I should just wait till mid-day so that she will sleep off the hangover she had. She sent me the directions to her place and I set out around 11.
I got to her street around 12:30. I drove up to her condo building. It was in one of the neatest and prettiest places in town, sitting on top of a hill overlooking the city. The building was part of a three structure complex. The buildings were rows of two condos on each floor. Each had its own parking spaces and storage garages for the tenants. I noticed a large swimming pool at the back of each of the buildings. I parked in one of the visitor lots opposite the large complex and gave her a call. She said her building was the third one, but she was by the pool and had been waiting for my call for the past hour.
I walked up to her building and the guard buzzed me in at the front desk. I signed the visitor’s book and the guard came over to usher me to the pool area.
Arabella lay on a pool chair at the far end of the pool. She had on a blue bikini that did little to cover up her body. The top even barely covered her br?asts. I stopped short as I took in this sight.
She saw me and waved me over.
“Hello Dayjee”. She always stressed my name when she said it.
I walked up to her and stood beside her. “Hello Arabella.” I replied.
she stood up and gave me a big hug. I felt her lovely mounds press softly against my chest.
I gave her a light peck on the cheek and she sat back down.
“Come on, have a drink with me.” She picked up an empty glass and poured out a generous quantity of red wine before handing it to me.
She patted the chair she was stretched on, inviting me to sit. I sat down nervously.
We talked for some time as we sipped our drinks.
My gaze kept on going over her body, especially to her br?asts. She lay on her side and the way those puppies pushed against her bikini top, I started getting a hard on.
“So when do you want us to start” I asked.
“Actually I’m enjoying it here” she responded.
“Well, we have some work to do. And with the way things are going, we might not get it done.”
I said, trying hard not to look at her br?asts again.
“Come on. Don’t be so bashful. I’m really enjoying your company” she said, slowly caressing my arm. The caress sent bolts of lightning through me.
“Let’s get the work done first. We can then finish up our talk till whenever you want”.
“Really? Don’t be coy. Or maybe you just can’t stand the sight?” she said with a sly smile, sitting up and jiggling her br?asts at me.
My d?ck was becoming quite uncomfortably painful in my shorts. She noticed my hard on that I had been trying to hide.
“Aha!!! No wonder you want to get up and leave. You have hard on”.
I felt ashamed. I apologized to her for that.
The sight of her perfectly sculptured body was a bit too much. She moved closer to me. Her big br?asts were teasingly close to my arm and she looked deep into my eyes. She leaned forward to whisper into my ear.
“You do not need to apologize for anything.
I do have that effect on men” she whispered seductively. She caressed my d?ck through my cargo shorts, slowly slipping her hand under the hem of my shorts and into my boxers, putting her fingers lightly on the underneath of my c?ck just below the head and running them along the bottom of my head and shaft, caressing it gently.
She made a loose ring with her thumb and fingers and ran it up and down the length of my shaft, giving it a few gentle full-handed pumps that sent waves of pleasure through my body.
Her lips were very close to my ear, whispering sweet nothings, her eyes seductive. She parted her lips slightly and lightly licked my earlobe.
I could feel her breath against my ear.
I tried with all my will power not to grab her.
Besides, her hand up my shorts gripping my J0yst!ck was paralyzing. Then suddenly, she pulled her hand out and stood up.
“Now we won’t want the day to go by without finishing our task, do we?”
I was left gaping like an . She grabbed her bath robe off the chair and put it on.
“Come on Dayjee, let’s go get some work done”
I tried so hard to cool my raging hard on as she led me to her condo on the top floor.
For the next couple of hours, we worked on hauling stuff from her storage space on the ground floor to her condo. She had put on a low-cut figure-hugging top and shorts over her bikini.
Her br?asts still stretched the top. I could see the swell of her br?asts and cleavage anytime she bent over. It was like she was teasing me, but I wasn’t too sure. I didn’t want to do anything that she would term as me harrassing her s?xually, but at the same time I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was doing all this intentionally.
I just decided to remain cool and not make any attempt. Let it play out. All the while we worked, we talked. She didn’t mention what happened earlier and I could not get that out of my mind either.
By the time we finished hauling, arranging furniture, tidying up the place, it was already getting on towards four o’clock. The pizza we ordered had just arrived and we sat down to eat.
“Thanks a lot for your help today Dayjee. I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself” she said after a while.
“It’s my pleasure as always. I’m glad to help you out.”
We talked for some more, and by the time we finished our lunch, it was almost five. I told her I’d soon be on my way back home. She stood up again and stretched.
“You know, all that lifting and moving has really given me some aches. I could really use a massage right now”. She said, pouting at me.
I really didn’t know what to say about that, so I just mumbled a reply. She stretched again and suddenly and intentionally fell forward. I jumped up to catch her fall and she landed right into my arms. We both fell back on the couch and she landed right on top of me.
“OOPS!!! Awkward.” She said. Her left br?ast was smack in my palm and she looked down at it and up at me.
“Wow. Aren’t we a bit hasty? Weren’t you taught to ask first?” she said smiling.
My heart was beating very hard now. My J0yst!ck had started growing hard again. She felt it against her lap, and slowly nudged it with her knee.
“Seems we’re getting really excited” she replied. All this while, she had not made any movement or attempt to remove my hand from her br?ast.
Trying my luck, I gently sq££zed. She sighed.
I leaned over and moved my lips closer to hers.
She didn’t resist, and slowly parted her lips as they met mine. I began kissing her slowly, sU-Cking gently on her lower lip. She began to melt in my arms and I felt her begin to relax.
She opened her mouth a bit wider and slid her tongue lightly out so that I could taste it. Our tongues began coiling together as the kiss got deeper. We kissed like that for some time and she pulled back and whispered into my ear.
“How about that massage?” she said.
“Sure” I replied.
We kissed some more and then she stood up and led me to her bedroom.

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