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ECOWAS Parliament Recruitment 2018 List Of Shortlisted Applicants –

The ECOWAS recently announce on its twitter handle that the ECOWAS parliament recruitment 2018 list of shortlisted applicants will soon be published online. ECOWAS Parliament was established by the ECOWAS Revised Treaty of 1993 as one of the Institutions of the Community. The Parliament is the Assembly of the peoples of the Community.

The application form for ECOWAS Parliament for the 2018/2019 was open for some months. Many have asked question concerning the 2018 ECOWAS Parliament job recruitment process and application procedure, to the extend we have created this article to become the official article for the ECOWAS Parliament recruitment procedure where all your questions and inquiries have been answered.

Note: As the time of this article, the ECOWAS Parliament recruitment application form for 2018 online registration has ended. This article is to guide you on how check the list of successful shortlisted applicants. If you still have challenges, please comment below using the comment box section to reach us and it will be treated immediately.


The Parliament is divided into 2 wings

Political wing

Administrative wing

The Structure of the Political wing are;

The Plenary

Bureau of Parliament

The Conference of Bureaux

The Plenary -; This is the highest body of the Parliament and its decisions are binding on other structures. As an advisory Parliament, the Plenary adopts all Resolutions of Parliament which are to be forwarded to the decision – making bodies of the Community.

The Bureau -; This is the governing organ of the Parliament. The Bureau consists of the Speaker and all the Deputy Speakers of the Parliament. They determine the draft agenda and all programmes or business of Sessions amongst various other functions

The Conference of Bureaux -; This consists of The Speaker, Chairmen or Deputy Chairmen and the Rapporteur of each of the Standing Committees. They work with the Bureau of the Parliament to prepare the draft annual work-plan taking into account the priority Community programs amongst other functions. They also work in close collaboration with National and other Regional Parliaments.


At its 25 session held in Dakar, Senegal on the 21 and 22 December, 2001 the Authority of Heads of State and Government decided that Abuja should be the headquarters of the Parliament.


The Parliament is composed of 115 seats. Each of the 15 Members states.

States has a guaranteed minimum of five seats. The remaining seats are shared on the basis of population. Consequently, Nigeria has 35 seats, Ghana 8 seats, Cote d’Ivoire 7 seats, while Burkina Faso, Guinea, Mali, Niger and Senegal have 6 seats each. The others – Benin, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Togo have 5 seats each.



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  1. Iyanda Adewale Moses

    Ecowas parliament provisional shortlisted candidate 2018 has been a matter of great concern owing to unending promises of when it would be finally published. Secondly we heard about a required PIN number to access the Ecowas official web which in not clear to many applicant. Please kindly furnish us with current update on the above subjects.

  2. please is this recruitment currently ongoing

  3. make sure you pls update me

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