Completed Stories

45 Days [Completed]

A Case Of Three Sinners [Completed]

A Girl Named Damilola [Completed]

A Mother’s Sacrifice [Completed]

ABETE (The Hood) [Completed]

Adesewa [Completed]

Adventure Of Lara [Completed]

Adventures Of Big T [Completed]

Anike [Completed]

Anita (Short Story) [Completed]

Arabella’s Massage (18 +) [Completed]

Arewa [Completed]

Ashabi [Completed]

Aunty Tope [Completed]

Ayorkor [Completed]

Baby And Me [Completed]

Baby Contract [Completed]

Battle For Justice [Completed]

Betrayed By My Body [Completed]

Big, Bold And Beautiful [Completed]

Blind Pact [Completed]

Blood For Blood [Completed]

Boomerang [Completed]

Boy Desires (18 +) [Completed]

Bra Boy (18+) [Completed]

Broken Or Not? [Completed]

Bukky Alakara [Completed]

Careless Love [Completed]

Cassandra [Completed]

Choice & Consequence [Completed]

Club Adventure (18 +) [Completed]

Compilation Of Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Confession Of A Teenager [Completed]

Controlled [Completed]

Corper’s Lodge [Completed]

Crush To Crash [Completed]

Crush [Completed]

Cyber Lover [Completed]

Dangerous Journey [Completed]

Depression [Completed]

Devil’s Proposal [Completed]

Diana Loves To Be Naughty [Completed]

Diana: Good Girl Gone Bad [Completed]

Diary Of A Lekki Houseboy (18+) [Completed]

Dirty Diana [Completed]

Driving Miss Crazy [Completed]

Early Days Of My Life (18 +) [Completed]

Echoes Of The Past [Completed]

Entangled [Completed]

Facebook Baby [Completed]

Facebook Sugar Mummy [Completed]

Fairy Story Of Alex [Completed]

Fierce [Completed]

Final Days in School [Completed]

Funke My Sexy Secretary [Completed]

Get Me Pregnant [Completed]

GoodBye My Love [Completed]

Happy Birthday (Short Story) [Completed]

Home Alone Reloaded (18+) [Completed]

How I Started Stealing Pots With Food On Fire [Completed]

How Jamb Jammed Me Out (My Jamb Experience) [Completed]

How My Heart Failed Me [Completed]

I & Ogechi [Completed]

I Am Engaged [Completed]

I See Things Others Do Not See [Completed]

Ibo Boy Wey Like Yoruba [Completed]

If You No Get Money, Hide Your Face [Completed]

In Search Of Dreams [Completed]

In The House Of God [Completed]

Life At Kakaori [Completed]

Life Of A Shy Guy [Completed]

Living In Fear (Dust to Gold) [Completed]

Lonely Wife (18 +) [Completed]

Love And Revenge [Completed]

Love Me Again [Completed]

Make Me Your Wife [Completed]

Manager’s Villa (Rated 18+) [Completed]

Me And Abimbola [Completed]

Meant To Be [Completed]

Memo Of A Male Sex Addict [Completed]

Memoirs Of Dying And Living [Completed]

More Than A Friend [Completed]

Mrs Chika, My Favourite Teacher (The Fvck Tales Of My Life) [Completed]

Murder Case [Completed]

My Adventure With Kwine (18 +) [Completed]

My Aunt Margie And Mom [Completed]

My Aunty Anna Rose [Completed]

My Birthday [Completed]

My Dirty Secret With My Attractive Landlord’s Daughter [Completed]

My Distraction [Completed]

My Encounter With Mami Water [Completed]

My Family Doctor [Completed]

My First Day As An OAU Fresher (True Life Story) [Completed]

My First Love [Completed]

My Life Story [Completed]

My Private Tutor [Completed]

My S3xcapade [Completed]

My Secondary School Life [Completed]

My Strippers’ Night Out (18 +) [Completed]

My Valentine Experience [Completed]

My Virgin Story [Completed]

Never Look Back [Completed]

Nicholas [Completed]

Nysc: My "Sexvice" To My Principal And Students [Completed]

One Last Time [Completed]

Only In Your Memories [Completed]

Painful Regret [Completed]

Password [Completed]

Phobia Of Love [Completed]

Price of Virginity [Completed]

Prison of Love [Completed]

Rain [Completed]

Rape or Cape [Completed]

Red Apple [Completed]

Renegade Love (A Story Of Love, Fear, Secrets, Lies, Hurts And Forgiveness) [Completed]

Rob And Rape [Completed]

Romance In The Circle [Completed]

S3x Before Success (Short Story) [Completed]

Seducing The ICT Guy (21 +) [Completed]

Sex And Fasting [Completed]

Sextape [Completed]

Sexx In The Traffic (18 +) [Completed]

Shattered Love [Completed]

She Is A Ghost [Completed]

Silver Bullet [Completed]

Siriku's Owambe Party (18 +) [Completed]

Tales Of The Dead

Teenage Studs (+21) [Completed]

Temilade [Completed]

Temilade - Season 1 [Completed]

Temilade - Season 2 [Completed]

The Abominable Act [Completed]

The Adventure Of Corper John [Completed]

The Birthday Murder [Completed]

The Choir Girls & I [Completed]

The Final Smile [Completed]

The Heart Of A Woman [Completed]

The Marriage [Completed]

The Menace Of Poverty [Completed]

The Money Collectors [Completed]

The New Girl [Completed]

The Prodigal Daughter [Completed]

The Quirk Of Fate [Completed]

The Rebound Girl [Completed]

The Rich Man's Wife [Completed]

The Silence [Completed]

The University Village [Completed]

The Villa [Completed]

The Wedding Contract [Completed]

Tight Brothers [Completed]

Together Forever [Completed]

Too Late To Claim [Completed]

Uncensored Orphanage [Completed]

Under Her Shadow [Completed]

Unplanned Love [Completed]

Vacation In Obudu [Completed]

Web of Love [Completed]

Wedding Of My Ex [Completed]

Which One Should I Go? "The Church Or The Mosque" [Completed]

Wrong Number [Completed]

“I Bad” [Completed]

Compilation Of Hilarious Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

Short Stories

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