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Category: Rain [Completed]

[Story] Rain – Episode 12

Curious she asked, “who is she?” “My mom” he replied “She’s beautiful” “Thank you he said absentmindedly. She turned and watched him change channels on the big plasma TV. ” You have a beautiful place too, I’m impressed” her tiny voice overshadowed by the sound coming from the TV. “Thank you” he grimaced “please make […]

[Story] Rain – Episode 10

Written By Gracile It was just like matriculation but a lot more colorful. The school auditorium was full and many students loitered outside the hall; they were clustered in groups, discussing or taking photos. Heads began to turn as they walked, she heard the’wows’ and ‘ohmygods’ from the admirers and she put her head down […]

[Story] Rain – Episode 9

” Wake up sleeping beauty, it’s time ” Meggy said slapping Rains shoulders Rain stretched before opening her tired eyes reluctantly. Even though she was not a deep sleeper, Meggy’s rude way of waking her up from sleep often infuriated her. And when she realized Meggy wouldn’t change despite the many times they’d quarrelled about […]

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